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The baton has been passed – Remembering Kent Humphreys

Last night Kent Humphreys finished the race. With an uncommon strength, he ran across the finish line and set the bar high for all of us to follow.

Kent was truly a modern day Joseph. A successful entrepreneur of several businesses and a champion of the Work as Worship movement as President of FCCI he was on a mission to make sure business leaders and Church leaders understood that we’re all called to make a difference in our work.

There are many heroes in this Work as Worship conversation that I now call friend because of Kent. These friendships have given me a front row seat to see the ripples from Kent’s life continue to expand today. Countless church and business leaders we're impacted by his friendship and endless source of encouragement.

Over the last few years I found it a privilege to be one of the younger leaders that received that encouragement but also direct challenges. Kent talked about how he was stepping us his challenge to younger guys like Jeremie Kubicheck, Jonathan Shibley and many others in this Work as Worship space to us to take up the baton for the next generation.

I’ll always remember him coming to our first Work as Worship event a few years ago. With less than half of his lung capacity, he was there. Not as the main stage session speaker that he could easily command. But as a friend, encourager and coach working behind the scenes to pass the baton. Like a student to a teacher it was a fun moment to show Kent some of the things he’d inspired and it was humbling to receive his challenge to keep running even harder as that baton got passed.

He ran the race. Seemingly harder in the last years of his life than most of us do in our prime. Friend, hero, coach... They all apply. Saying that he modeled it for us all seemingly falls so short.

The relay race to heaven continues. Today that passing of the Work as Worship baton became a little more official. Its up to all of us now to steward it well down the homestretch. 

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posted by Justin Forman | 1.31.2013 - 9:23 AM


I enjoyed my experience with FCCI very much during the late 1990s. In many ways, it pioneered marketplace ministries, helping business owners try and run their companies in a Christ honoring way.
Interesting that you used the pass the baton analogy. God gave me a vision to steward in 2008 that ended up creating something exactly to remind us that our lives are indeed just one leg of a much bigger relay race. You can see what I mean here www.praygrounds.com/products/baton.htm
commented by Anonymous Scott, 9:09 AM  

I agree, Kent lead by serving. I had the chance to know him in his later years, and he operated at a pace that belied his age and health. He spent himself in sharing God's love to the world, especially business people like me. Thank you, God, for your son, Kent!
commented by Blogger Uncle Dave, 10:17 AM  

Thank you, God, for your faithful servant, Kent. You blessed my life through him.
commented by Blogger Uncle Dave, 10:20 AM  

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