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Marketplace Revolution comes to Chicago

Partners Worldwide is hosting an event in Chicago this fall called Marketplace Revolution (marketplacerevolution.org). Marketplace Revolution represents a growing movement that is ... 

  • Utilizing the power of sustainable businesses to create jobs and help entrepreneurs in poverty pull themselves and those around them out of poverty.
  • Transforming communities around the world through the power of combining business and ministry to meet both physical and spiritual needs.
  • Affirming a career in business as a God-given gift and calling.

Marketplace Revolution is a unique conference which brings together professionals, business people, international workers, university students, and church leaders from over 22 different countries—all passionate about partnering to end poverty.

Come be encouraged, equipped, and connected to a global network of Christian professionals following their call to business and their commission to be light to this world.

This is an event of Partners Worldwide. To hear success stories, learn about the Partners Worldwide model, and discover how you can connect your faith and your career to make an impact in your world, click here

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posted by Justin Forman | 8.26.2012 - 4:05 PM


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