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C12 Group to Host Business Seminars Across the U.S.

Guest Post - C12 Groups across the country are offering several upcoming events that include “Introductory Breakfast/ Luncheons”, “Pay for Performance” seminars and “Why Employment Engagement Matters” workshops.  The C12 Group is the US’ leading provider of Christian roundtables for CEOs and business owners.  “These sessions are excellent opportunities for business owners to learn about implementing C12 proven management processes.  And, it also gives them the opportunity to learn about C12 and how Biblical principles can be incorporated into the workplace.  C12 sessions are based on Building GREAT Businesses for a GREATER Purpose,” says Don Barefoot, CEO and President of the C12 Group. 

To learn more about C12 and the upcoming events, please contact the C12 Chair listed below:

  • April 11 Incentive Compensation Seminar/Lunch, Sacramento, CA, Contact:  Bryan Hyzdu, 209-993-2202
  • April 12 Pay for Performance Seminar/Lunch, Livermore, CA, Contact: Bryan Hyzdu, 209-993-2202
  • April 13 Incentive Compensation Seminar/Lunch, Woodbridge, CA, Contact:  Bryan Hyzdu, 209-993-2202
  • April 19 Introductory Luncheon, Reston, VA Contact: Curt Kemp, 703-399-4371
  • April 25 Pay for Performance Seminar, Little Rock, AR, Contact: Tony McAnly,501-520-9701
  • April 25 Introductory Luncheon, Little Rock, AR, Contact: Tony McAnly, 501-520-9701
  • April 26 Introductory Breakfast, Hot Springs, AR, Contact: Tony McAnly, 501-520-9701
  • May 03 Pay for Performance Seminar/Lunch, Houston, TX, Contact: Steve Van Ooteghem, Steve.VanO@C12Group.com
  • May 30 Pay for Performance Seminar, Beverly Hills, MI, Contact: Roger Norberg, 248-467-1999
  • June 24 CEO Huddle Event, Elk Grove Village, IL, Contact:  Mike Johnson, 847-372-3432
  • Aug. 29 Why Employee Engagement Matters Work., Troy, MI, Contact: Roger Norberg, 248-467-1999
  • Oct. 31 Strategic Plan for Ministry, Troy, MI, Contact:  Roger Norberg, 248-467-1999

Founded in 1992 by Buck Jacobs, a dedicated Christian, author and CEO, C12 is a growing network of more than 1000 members in 65 metro areas across America.  C12 Groups are comprised of Christian CEOs and business owners who seek to grow professionally and spiritually with other like-minded executives. If you would like more information on The C12 Group, please visitwww.C12Group.com or contact C12’s Home Office (336-841-7100 orinfo@C12Group.com).
posted by Justin Forman | 4.09.2012 - 5:55 AM


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