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Acton University. A think tank for the intersection of Faith and Economics.

Guest post by Chris Robertson - The Acton Institute is an educational think tank based focusing on the intersection of faith and economics. Acton's unique integration has many practical applications, including that it brings to light biblical teaching on topics such as stewardship, private property, rule of law, limited government, entrepreneurship, the dignity and value of work, the importance of human initiative and innovation, and much more. Overall, Acton teaches that good intentions in addressing social ills are not enough. What is needed is a proper understanding of the human person, leading to a sound understanding and application of economics to all spheres of life.

For four days each June, the Acton Institute convenes Acton University, an ecumenical conference of pastors, seminarians, educators, non-profit managers, business people and philanthropists from more than 50 countries in Grand Rapids, MI. Here, 700 people of faith gather to integrate and better articulate faith and free enterprise, entrepreneurship, sound public policy, and effective leadership at the local church and community level. With this week of fellowship and discourse, participants build a theological and economic infrastructure for the work of restoring and defending hope and dignity to people around the world. They take the teaching of the world class faculty in attendance and the networks they build at the event, and approach their vocations with renewed inspiration:

"I left Grand Rapids with new people to work with and a lot to think about. I've been wondering how New Orleans, my home, might apply the principles of Acton to advance the rebirth of the city. If this city is to be saved, it will not be by government, but by the grit of her people through work and service. There were several of us from New Orleans… we can take what we learned and do something."

Financial aid is available, but funds and seats are limited. To apply or for more detailed information about Acton University, please visit university.acton.org.  

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