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Social-profit enterprises: Stop Debating and get them going

The wall between non-profit and for-profit organizations is crumbling in the US legal structure with the recent creations of B-Corps, L3Cs, and now FlexC’s. In actual practice, the social sector moved beyond the value of such distinctions long ago. I think it’s time to move forward into the ‘era of social-profit enterprises’ whose mission outweighs the funding model. It’s time to put more energy into finding ways to help organizations succeed who hold society’s best interests in mind. And that is exactly what Praxis is doing.  

In the same vein as Echoing Green and the Unreasonable Institute, Praxis launched its first year-long accelerator programme in 2011 to mentor young social entrepreneurs and accelerate their success. The 2011-2012 class of Praxis Fellows includes 12 innovative organizations. Through a sequence of three events and 25+ mentors, Praxis aims to scale up and improve initiatives with a current budget under $1 million. Praxis believes the right network and knowledge can accelerate each organization’s mission to advance the common good.Read the rest of the article.

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posted by Justin Forman | 1.24.2012 - 5:55 AM


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