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Ken Crowell, Business as Mission Pioneer and Founder of Galtronics in Israel Leaves a Legacy

I wish I could build a "Cooperstown" for Work as Worship Heroes. 

Instead of collecting old baseball gloves and jerseys marking hall of fame careers I'd fill it with authentic stories. The kind that are filled with adventure but are soaked in humility and obedience. They would highlight men and women who moved the mission forward, mostly when nobody was looking. But despite the cloak of humility their light was so bright that people at home and abroad couldn't help but see that there was something different about the way they worked and lived. They didn't see a divide between Sunday and Monday. Instead they embraced work as one of our greatest opportunities to worship. 

Ken and Margie Crowell would be one of the first stories I'd feature in that Hall of Fame. 

Some of you heard that last week Ken passed away on January 25th after a long battle with Myelofibrosis. 

Its sad to see any life come to an end but today Ken's story continues on as a couple hundred Arabs, Jews and Christians will show up to work at Galtronics, the company that he and Margie started in the early 70's in Israel.

Thousands of lives have been impacted. And thousands more will be inspired by their story. Ten years ago at business student at Baylor, Ken's story helped me discover meaning in my work. Today his legacy leaves this thirty one year old challenged to take the baton from the previous generation and run the race with everything I've got. 

Before Ken's death the couple shared their story with CBN newsI'd also suggest reading the cover story from Christianity Today nearly 5 years ago.

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posted by Justin Forman | 1.31.2012 - 8:58 PM


I met Ken at first, through Europartners as we held our annual conference in Israel. Over the years we met in several capacities and one knew, you stood among a giant. Staggering to consider the breadth of life, industry and nations he touched! May his example, faithful living each day with a passion for Christ and his family be an encouragement to all.
We cannot imagine the throng of greeters in Heaven as he entered his rest. Generations, nations, family and friends were there - and Ken at last was able to meet face-to-face He whom he worshipped from afar.
commented by Blogger Michael, 5:07 AM  

Great post Justin, a great way to honour and bring attention again to Ken's life and pioneering work. An extraordinary, yet humble man of God. We visited his factory over a decade ago and it was incredibly inspiring.
commented by Anonymous Jo Plummer, 12:30 AM  

Two Thumbs up to ken crowell,
commented by Anonymous Justiina Paju, 1:07 AM  

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