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Business as Mission Network:: Turn Good Business and Missions into Great MinistryTurn Good Business and Missions into Great Ministry with News, Resources, and Tools from the leading businesss leaders, authors, pastors around the world

Global CEO Event Coming to Chicago April 11-13

The Global CEO Network was founded in 2004 as a “users group” for those practicing business as mission in a commercial context. The goals are not to inspire people to become involved in the business as mission movement, but rather to support those who are doing it. The next event is to be held in Chicago April 11-13, 2012.

The focus is on “commercial” business as mission, a segment of the movement that is supported by their operational cash flows. While individuals or small groups of investors own most of such companies, they may be owned or operated by mission organization or initially capitalized through donor funds.  The operational distinction of depending on your business cash flow to survive and grow creates a commonality of issues.  Combining business challenges with Kingdom intent adds to the complexity, as does the orientation toward international operations.

Who can attend? The meetings are held by invitation so that participants can gather with like-minded people who facing similar challenges.

The meeting participants should (1) have a vision and desire to use business for advancing God’s Kingdom, and (2) are directly involved in a “commercial” business as a owner, executive or manager.

A limited number of reservations are reserved for those who support the business as mission movement and are contributing strategically to the movement.

If you would benefit from connecting with others facing the same challenges, to hear the good, the bad and the ugly about international business please request more information from sringler@ecgroup-intl.com To insure confidentially there is no website related to this conference, all information will be provided directly to those who are interested. 

Please identify that you heard about The Global CEO Network from the Business as Mission Network and receive $50 off the registration price.

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posted by Justin Forman | 1.13.2012 - 5:55 AM


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