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Monday Morning Athiest by Doug Spada

I love guys who understand the importance that the Church owns the mission of helping their people see their Work as Worship. Doug Spada at Work Life has been a big champion of that. In a few weeks Doug is releasing a new book called "Monday Morning Atheist". Here's the scoop...

"Do you at times work as though God does not exist? Maybe ignorning Him? Turning Him off?

Here's the truth - we all suffer with this at one time or another even if we truly want to serve God. It's only a matter of when and to what degree we function as a Monday Morning Atheist.

In this groundbreaking book based on years of research from thousands of Christ followers, Doug Spada and David Scott unpack the tops barriers that spiritually short-circuit your work. Then, they guide you to identify how to biblically and practically change your thinking and behavior to find Life in your work."

Click Here to Read More or Pre-Order it at Doug's Site

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posted by Justin Forman | 11.28.2011 - 5:55 AM


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