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Changing a Mindset to Work as Worship. See you Thursday at the Conference.

I'm looking forward to Thursday. Its going to be fun to see so many familiar faces and meet new friends at the first Work as Worship conference in Dallas

Its a chance for entrepreneurs, trail blazers and people who love business to come together. Even if it isn't intentional I think its easy for leaders in business to feel like a "second class citizen" because they never felt called to "full time, vocational ministry" with a church. 

But that's the past. Days like Thursdays are milestone markers. They recognize that today is a new day. Hundreds of business leaders and thousands of church leaders will leave realizing that everyone is given time and talents to make a difference in our work. 

And the encouraging news is we're not alone. This movement is large. The pews of the church are full of entrepreneurs, bankers and business people who want to find meaning in their work. 

Over the past few years I've had the privilege of meeting some of them. Guys like David Green and his family at Hobby Lobby, Dave Evans the co-founder of Electronic Arts, Steve Lynn the CEO who helped turn around Sonic and store operators from Chick-fil-a and home builders here in Texas. 

God is starting to unleash what I believe is one of the greatest untapped opportunities. To live out the gospel in our workplace. 

Just consider this for a moment. When the 350 business leaders return to their workplaces they will come into contact with more non-believing employees and customers in one day than what will set foot in the 3,000+ churches of Dallas on Sunday. 

If we can change the way we view our work, we won't need to look far for opportunities. They're already coming right to us. But it starts with a changed mindset. 

Look forward to seeing many of you Thursday!

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posted by Justin Forman | 11.01.2011 - 3:15 PM


LOVE the video!! I am definitely a Trader! The move of God in the marketplace is happening in Seattle too and I am blessed to be a part of it!! I'm helping Christian entrepreneurs start G Corporations, for profit companies who make a profit and make a difference. Unfortunately I won't be at the conference in Dallas this year but hopefully I will be able to make it there next year. I hope it's a great success. www.julainesmith.com
commented by Blogger Julaine Smith, CPA, 6:30 PM  

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