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The Role of Patience in Noah’s Platform

Guest Post by Joseph Vijayam - White collar work often requires us to go into long periods of solitary confinement in an office cubical.  It may take days, weeks, and sometimes months before the results of our concentrated efforts are realized.  For entrepreneurs, it may even take years and several business ventures before there is a return on the investment of the entrepreneur’s time, sweat and money.  In the meantime, there will be skeptics and those who mock your devotion.  But the worst attack comes from within when you loose patience and despair that our desired outcome is not coming immediately.

Noah found himself in a similar situation in Genesis chapter 6. He worked with unflinching trust in God and His faithfulness for years on a massive construction project – the ark.  While he looked foolish to those around him, he knew that the results of his endeavor would be worthwhile over the long term.  By some estimates it could have taken as long as 100 years to build the ark.  Yet he persisted against all odds.  God used this act of obedience on Noah’s part as a ministry platform to all who passed by. They may have laughed, shaken their heads or inquisitively dialogued with Noah, but none could doubt his commitment to the cause. In reality, Noah’s patient service, which ultimately led to the preservation of creation, is what left the lasting legacy that still impacts those with whom we live and work today.  

Noah isn’t the only one being watched. People watch us as we work.  When faced with adversity and uncertainty in the workplace we can have a significant impact on our families, coworkers and community by being committed and diligent in our work and steadfast in our faith in God’s faithfulness toward us.  The world takes a short-term view of effort and reward, reflecting a desire for instant gratification.  We, on the other hand, should stand apart as people who see things from a long term perspective, remembering that reality has a timeline that stretches into eternity.  Patience is a sign of Christian maturity and is one of the fruits of the Spirit (Gal 5:22).

Responding to workplace situations with a patient attitude can set us apart from those who do not place their trust in a God who is faithful and never forgets to reward us for our efforts . . . but it may take longer than we would like.  We can have a powerful witness when we wait on the Lord for expected outcomes rather than the cultural norm of seeking instant gratification. 

Joseph Vijayam is Managing Director of Olive Technologies. Prior to founding Olive, he served as the Chief Executive of Matrix Computer Consultancy, India. He earned a B.S. with highest honors in Computer Science from Biola University, CA, USA, and an MBA in Information Systems from Georgia State University, GA, USA. Read more from Joseph on his blog, http://www.ministryplatforms.com.


posted by Justin Forman | 8.30.2011 - 5:55 AM


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