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Tom's Next Chapter - Sunglasses and the One for One Company

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Hand painted, colorful striped sunglasses. That's the second chapter of Toms Shoes' one-for-one business.
"With every pair purchased, Toms will give someone sight," said Toms founder Blake Mycoskie.
Meaning that for every pair of sunglasses purchased, sight-saving medical treatment, prescription glasses or surgery will be donated to a person in need. The sunglasses are landing in stores today for $135 to $145 and come in three shapes and 22 color combinations. The 101s are a classic Wayfarer-like style, while the 201s are oversized, round Jackie O glasses, and the 301s are aviators with wood accents. Toms sunglasses are recognizable by the three painted stripes on the sides, which represent the one-for-one giving concept.
The scene at the California Heritage Museum in Santa Monica on Tuesday morning was part rock concert, part political rally. Mycoskie made the announcement on stage in front of the Victorian-style museum building, with food trucks nearby and radio stations broadcasting live. About 150 people gathered on the grass to hear about the SoCal company's next step, many of them wearing Toms' signature colorful canvas shoes.
"From this day forward, Toms will no longer just be a shoe company, it will be a one-for-one company," Mycoskie said, before unveiling a video made in Nepal, with local people talking about the need to address visual impairment, in particular cataracts and blindness.
Read the full article on the Los Angeles Times Website

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posted by Justin Forman | 6.08.2011 - 5:55 AM


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