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Breaking Out and Digging In -- A Businessman's Journey

Guest post by JC from YWAM's BusinessasMission.com website - One of the great privileges of traveling and working internationally is the frequent opportunity provided by long journeys for prayerful reflection on the goodness of God and the adventure of a life walking with Him.  Recently, on one such long trip, I was able to reflect on my life in the last 7 years since becoming a Christian, in particular, on my journey towards integrating faith and work, mission and business.

I came to faith in my late twenties in the midst of the busiest time in my working life.  I worked as a strategist and management consultant in one of the leading financial services companies in the UK.  I was being stretched like never before in a senior management role, responsible for leading and implementing major organisational change in my department and at the same time completing a part-time MBA.  That God chose this time to stir my heart still amazes me.

Like many of my peers raised in Christian homes and schooled in Western sacred/secular split- thinking, I struggled to reconcile my new found faith and my work. The church I was attending weren’t really much help.

This struggle to reconcile my faith and work was exacerbated all the more as I began to have a real sense of the Lord stirring my heart for mission, for the nations, for the poor and needy.  Operating from my current paradigm and the expression of mission I was hearing about, I could only see this happening through training in pastoral ministry or church planting. 

Have you ever felt as a business person or professional that you’re about the only person in church who hasn’t got something to offer mission?  I certainly did.

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posted by Justin Forman | 6.14.2011 - 5:55 AM


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