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Repurposing Business Training Open to Everyone

http://na5-api.salesforce.com/servlet/servlet.ImageServer?id=01570000000z7Nl&oid=00D700000009oC1Many of you are familiar with the great work being done by Brett Johnson and the team at Rep. Well there's great news, they are opening up Training. If you’re too busy to read this email, watch Megan’s video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4FH_ZOGd2I 

Are you tired of “Ready, aim…” then go to another conference? Ron Holt, a business owner in Northern California, says this was his experience. “You’re constantly going to meetings, going to seminars and conferences. You go away very inspired, but there’s no ability, or even framework, to put it into practice.” There has been a tremendous increase in the number of people offering training in what is sometimes called “business as missions” or “kingdom business.” Conferences on work-faith integration are common, and there are websites dedicated to businesspeople wanting to use business for God’s purpose. The blending of God and work is no longer a strange concept. What is rare, however, is practical application.

Brett Johnson is the founder of The Institute for Innovation, Integration & Impact, a Silicon Valley think tank. He and his wife, Lyn, began exploring the integration of work and faith 30 years ago; both have been in business for decades. Johnson says, “We made a strategic decision eight years ago: we knew we could either attend endless conferences on faith- based business, or we could actually help companies do it. We chose to mobilize, train and deploy kingdom businesspeople in nations around the world and skip the conferences.”

The heart of The Institute’s program is an intensive 10-week training covering what the Bible says about every facet of running a business. “When I ask people, ‘How does God market?’ few businesspeople know,” says Johnson. “Looking at the product portfolios of companies led by Christians, few products have been inspired or developed in collaboration with God. Yet we are designed to co-labor with God. It is one of our earliest assignments.” The Repurposing Business® training is geared to align businesses with their highest calling and their intended purpose. People train at The Institute’s headquarters in Saratoga, California or on remote training webinars available to a worldwide audience. In addition, The Institute has training locations in India, South Africa and Indonesia, with new nations being added.

Until now this training has only been offered only to those who have committed to volunteer their time on a Repurposing Business Venture in another nation. “We have trained over 400 people in the past eight years. The curriculum is so powerful that we have seen life-trajectory changes even on those who have not been able travel with us abroad,” Brett Johnson says. “So we have decided to open our training to anyone who has a desire to integrate work and faith. We are inviting employees, entrepreneurs and executives to apply to enter our next training cycle. Each participant will be part of an affinity group so they can collaborate on how to apply the materials in their specific context."

Lyn Johnson has run her own business for 21 years. She sees the value of entrepreneurs and execs being able to dialog the practical application of Biblical truth to their companies. “From our very first work with mid-market companies the CEO’s voiced their loneliness at the top. They commonly told us, ‘We have no one to talk to.’” The Institute has therefore opened their training to entrepreneurs and corporate leaders.

What makes The Institute different from other “business as missions” proponents is their practical experience. They are a business, led by businesspeople, and have repurposed 280 companies in the last eight years. Tish Holt, a recent trainee and business owner commented, “It is not just about information, but transformation: they are not just talking it, but living it… and the next generation is owning it.”

Dr. Joe Awender, who runs a healthcare practice in Redwood City, California says, “Through  implementing The Institute’s principles we have seen incredible healing miracles, financial wonders and ways to show God’s love to those in our sphere of influence. God cares about industry as much as he cares about missionaries.” Hal Oates, CEO of Porthos Wine Concierge, went through the training many years ago and attributes his success to the application of the truths in his company. “Our revenues have multiplied fivefold since I went through the Repurposing Business training and my peace of mind has multiplied tenfold since we made God the CEO of Porthos.”

For inquiries contact: 1-866-9INDABA or email info@inst.net
Repurposing Business—Transforming Society®
www.inst.net | www.repurposing.biz

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posted by Justin Forman | 2.14.2011 - 5:55 AM


The new training cycle begins January 28, 2012. People can join in person at Silicon Valley location, or by webinar on Monday evenings.
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