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Finding God's Will for Your Career

Recently came across this article from Scott McKnight. Here's the two paragraph teaser, but you should read the full article from Relevant Magazine by clicking here.
How can we figure out what God wants us to do?
I know people who are lawyers and who drive big machines and who are school teachers and who are coaches and who are selling insurance and who are accountants and who are science research professors and who are dentists and who are pastors and who are missionaries. What each of these people does matters. I kept thinking about this word—matters. I’m unconvinced that some jobs —the so-called “spiritual” ones—are valuable while others are “secular” and therefore not as valuable.
Many are struggling to discover a career that matters. Perhaps the reason so many today flounder from one job to another is because instead of examining what they do in light of the Kingdom, they fail to realize that what they are doing really does matter. (Unless they are paid to be professional spammers, which can’t be Kingdom work.) It is time to reconsider what we do in light of the Kingdom dream of Jesus, and I believe His Kingdom vision can turn what we do into something that matters and can give our life purpose.
See Your Vocation 
through the Kingdom Dream
Your vocation, which in so many ways is unique to you, can genuinely matter if you keep your eyes on the Kingdom of God as your guiding North Star. Teaching matters when you treat your students as humans whom you love and whom you are helping. Coaching soccer matters when you connect kids to the Kingdom. Growing vegetables becomes Kingdom work when we enjoy God’s green world as a gift from Him. Collecting taxes becomes Kingdom work when you treat each person as someone who is made in the image (the Eikon in Greek) of God and as a citizen instead of as a suspect. Jobs become vocations and begin to matter when we connect what we do to God’s Kingdom vision for this world. Sure, there’s scout work involved—like learning English grammar well enough to write clean sentences and reading great writers who can show you how good prose works. Like hours with small children when we are challenged to make some mind-numbing routines into habits of the heart and Kingdom.
Read Scott McKnights article from Relevant Magazine by clicking here

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posted by Justin Forman | 2.14.2011 - 5:55 AM


The perfect "will" in a career, in a marriage, in a place to live is a difficult thing to ascertain. I remember those old conversations about the perfect will of God versus the permissive.

I have come to realize that I just need to be obedient, and the 'little things" like career just works out.
commented by Blogger David Rupert, 9:39 AM  

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