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Take this Job and Love it

Guest Post from Red Letter Believers - Its old news now, but I can't seem to shake the image of Jet Bue flight attendant Steven Slater exploding in anger, screaming profanities, and with a final, "I can't take this anymore," slid out the emergency exit on the JFK tarmac.


First of all, anyone who quits a job in this economy is not thinking straight. Certainly, there are thousands of other flight attendants who are doing just fine and would never think to quit. But there are two sides to every job and it comes down to our attitudes. That's why two people can do exactly the same work and have two totally different opinions.

How many nights have you stretched out on your bed, wide awake, replaying the day’s events? You recall the criticisms being thrown around, the personality clashes, the seemingly impossible deadlines, and the overbearing bosses.Then a thought begins to worm its way in between your ears. An innocent notion that flies in from out of nowhere, just a quiet whisper, “I’ve got to find something better.” And for some of us this errant thought can take on a much darker tone.

Many of us can hear Johnny Paycheck singing somewhere in the background. 

Have you ever thought about just getting up and quitting a job, no matter what the consequences?  Or, have you had a job you were thinking about quitting, but hung in there and stuck it out, choosing to "take this job, and love it."


posted by Justin Forman | 12.08.2010 - 5:55 AM


Thanks for the Mention!

commented by Blogger David Rupert, 6:50 AM  

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