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Business is Mission

Guest Post by Mark Meehan - If you are a child of the seventies like me, you might remember the vivid fight graphics that accompanied Batman and Robin. "BAM!" would appear in primary colors, as the Penguin crumpled to the ground.

I still think about those graphics when I hear people talk about "business as mission"—or, in some circles, "BAM!" With shifting global dynamics, traditional missionaries no longer enjoy easy access to visas for entry into previously "open" countries, so some are considering business skills as a way to acquire a visa and enter a country. The skills needed for a visa also provide BAM missionaries a reason to live in the community (instead of being those weird Americans who don't work, but are constantly inviting people over for coffee).

In BAM, business is the means, and ministry is the end. But I don't agree with this perspective.

Business, like art, is inherently creative and vividly reflects our Creator. It is not a means to the end of ministry; when understood in a biblical framework, business is itself a redemptive process of ministry. It all begins with design, as children of the Creator debate, discuss, and deliberate over what act of commerce they could be engaged in, what could be produced, or which service can be developed. As in any art, the parameters are defined—not by the blankness of a cotton canvas, but by the limitations of investors, capacity, or market potential. As the design is developed, the physical expression follows: a plant, a spreadsheet, or a strategic plan, all of ... 

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posted by Justin Forman | 12.20.2010 - 5:55 AM


This post was a breath of fresh air. Christian influence is diminishing in society because we are not working in the world's structures to redeem them. Why then should we promote BAM models that continue the same Christian organizational flaws of retreating from society? God has obviously called most Christians to work and make money to support their families. The potential for BAM is to create long lasting changes in local economies that are sustainable. How can a BAM enterprise run solely on support be sustainable? Business is risky and rewarding. I want to challenge those interested in BAM to run their businesses like a business and live their mission at all times like all Christians are supposed to. Otherwise you will not be ready when you need to make hard business decisions. Can you fire people from your mission? Could you sell your mission? You will most likely have to do both in your business.
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