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God at work in Africa

Guest Post by Kevin Pate - I want to give you a quick update of the Africa trip I returned from last week The team of Doyle Duran, Carece Slaughter and me began the week in the capital city of Accra teaching accounting and finance to a group of 30 business and ministry leaders.   As a group, we marched through financial statements, budgeting, analysis and other "fun" topics.  I commend all involved for persisting and gaining much knowledge that will help propel their respective organizations to new heights for God's Kingdom.

After Accra, the team moved quickly to Kumasi, Ghana to lead an exciting Marketplace Conference for Christian business leaders on a university campus.  The 350 plus people who registered for the event were challenged to get God involved in their businesses and see themselves as people of influence who God wants to work through to reach the nations.  Practical business topics concerning sales, management, customer service and entrepreneurial principles were taught to a group who is hungry to take their businesses to the next level and function as Kingdom Businesses.

This trip was confirmation that God is working in a big way on the continent of Africa and using willing Christian people to carry out His purposes in the Marketplace.

Put your time and talent to work on a trip with Kevin and the team at Global Advance. Learn more on their website here. 

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posted by Justin Forman | 8.09.2010 - 7:27 AM


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