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Christian Research Guru George Barna talks about Faith at Work

I love statistics. Even more, I appreciate the power they have to highlight growing undercurrents in society. When it comes to research and faith, nobody does it better than guys like George Barna and Dave Kinnaman.

Last year we were thrilled to have George speak at our RightNow Conference in Dallas and I'm looking forward to having Dave Kinnaman at our upcoming conference Nov 11-12th. Last week I was encouraged to see George write about the intersection of Faith and Work. 

Here's a few quotes, but click through to read the whole article and how their research tackled the question of whether or not "marketplace churches" provide adequate enough teaching compared to what you find in organic churches. 

"Several years ago I wrote a book entitled Revolution that suggested a new wave of faith expressions was becoming increasingly popular in America. One of those expressions was faith-centered gatherings at places of work. The popularity of such meetings has continued to grow in recent years.

An article in the Wall Street Journal published earlier this month pointed out that there are now thousands of businesses who employ chaplains to facilitate on-premises faith activity. While some of those chaplains serve primarily as on-site counselors, a large share lead groups of employees in times of worship, Bible study, prayer, and service activities. One of the reasons that businesses foster the blending of faith and work is that it produces a better work environment, higher productivity, and a deeper sense of team engagement. These outcomes, of course, enhance the bottom line, causing many business leaders to conclude that a faithful workforce can be a more profitable workforce. Organizations such as Tyson Foods have led the way in this regard, employing about 120 chaplains to minister with Tyson’s 117,000+ employees across the nation..."   Visit George's Blog

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posted by Justin Forman | 8.02.2010 - 7:24 AM


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