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An Example of a Life Well-Lived

Guest post by Buck Jacobs, Chairman and Founder, The C12 Group (www.c12group.com) - I attended a memorial service for a friend over the weekend.  This guy was a true “man’s man,” a great Christian example, and co-worker in the C12 Group.  He fought a great fight against cancer on his way home.  He finished his race and ran through the tape.  His memorial service was a real home-going celebration of a life well-lived in the atmosphere of the mysterious mix of joy and sorrow that only Christians can understand.  Yes, we know we will see him again but, dang it, we’ll miss him!

During the seating of the guests and, for a few minutes at the beginning of the service, a series of pictures from his life were projected on a large screen in the front of the room.  Scores of pictures were chosen by those he loved and left behind to present the most important and memorable scenes and seasons of a remarkable life lived ‘large.’  Watching them brought tears and laughter… sometimes at the same time.  This was a great guy and the photos provided a touching review of his life’s celebrations and values.

As I watched, I was struck by the fact that, out of the tons of pictures that were selected, not one of them showed him at the office.  It’s not as though he didn’t have one!  The man had an extraordinarily successful business career.  There could have undoubtedly been bunches of pictures of awards won, sales made, milestones accomplished, and promotions gained from a professional perspective. But, in the retrospective view of his life, such things were pushed aside by pictures of family vacations, weddings, births, graduations, grandchildren, and many ‘ministry moments.’

Each of his five sons-in-law wrote or spoke of their relationship with him.  His closest friends shared precious memories from sports, fishing trips, ski vacations, and work-related relationships.  No one mentioned degrees, net worth, or worldly accomplishments, although they surely could have.  But at this point, all of those things had lost their meaning and had little significance in summing up his life and its impact.  Gene’s life was summarized in terms of the impact he had on others for eternity!

It will be the same for you and me.  One split second after we take our final breath, so many of the things that we think are important now will become totally unimportant to us or to those that we love most.

I’m so glad that I knew this man and also that I was a part of the celebration of his life.  It was both an encouragement to me to ‘press on’ and a reminder that, when our time comes (and it surely will), our lives and legacy will be the sum total of the choices that we’ve made and the priorities that we’ve lived.  Choices have consequences.  How we’ll be remembered will be a reflection of our life’s priorities.  As we often say in C12: “Priorities are what we do.  Everything else is just talk!”

This man made lots of right choices.  He wasn’t perfect (only One man ever has been), but he made lots of good choices.  So, in honor of my brother, Gene, why not…

Have a daily quiet time with Jesus
Go home early and hug your children’s mom
Don’t miss a game
Give when it hurts or until it does
Never skip a vacation to work
Say “No” sometimes
Laugh at yourself – often

Remember if you can’t be happy with what you’ve got, you’ll never be happy with what you’re trying to get! Every issue and relationship is an opportunity to share the love and truth of our Lord
Press on!  Run through the tape!

And Gene… well done!  See you at home, big guy!

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posted by Justin Forman | 7.16.2010 - 7:19 AM


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