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Influential Pastors are Breaking Down the Wall Between the Sacred and Secular

By Justin Forman - The most overlooked opportunity in the Church today is for Pastors and business leaders see work as an opportunity for worship. And sadly, I think too many business leaders have grown accustomed to “outsourcing” their faith to “professional pastors” and paying the pastor to do “real ministry”. We've lost sight of the simple idea that God is glorified when we use our God given passions and skills with excellence.

However, I've been especially encouraged to see influential voices like Andy Stanley and Erwin McManus preach on one of the most overlooked opportunities for the church (See the notes on Andy's sermon series - Taking Care of Business).  

Many of you know that Erwin McManus, he is a popular author, speaker and pastor at Mosaic in Los Angeles. He's been a part of several projects with us at BluefishTV.com and RightNow.org. A few weeks ago, he gave a message called Making it work for You. You should be able to find it by clicking on this link or looking up their March 28th Podcast at Mosaic on iTunes.

Erwin has a refreshing way at looking at the issue and when you think that thousands of pastors regularly listen to their podcast you'll be encouraged to know that dents are being put in the wall between the Sacred and Secular.

I think you'll find it really encouraging. Give it a listen and email me to let me know what you think. Our ministry at RightNow will be leveraging a lot of our channels to make sure 20,000+ Pastors hear this message in person Nov 11-12th in Dallas and through the tape delay of the RightNow Conference.

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posted by Justin Forman | 6.23.2010 - 9:45 PM


There are several encouraging signs that the church is just beginning to get the price we've paid for the clergy-laity divide especially in the past couple of hundred years. There are churches (e.g. smallboatbigsea - Michael Frost's church in Australia) that actively celebrate, support and commission people in their everyday work. But they're still few and far between. It must change for the sake of the Kingdom!
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