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Back to the Basics - Foundations for Leading a Company for Christ

In a business world shaken by economic and political uncertainty, 2010 is a perfect time to go Back to the Basics.  What does it mean to "lead a company for Christ"?  What would Jesus do if He were a leader in your company?  How do you intentionally plan to have Kingdom impact in and through your business?  Can you know if you and your business are really being transformed?

With that thought in mind, FCCI will be hosting their 31st International Conference September 26-30th in Tucson, Arizona.

Kent Humphreys, Walt Wiley, one other keynote speaker that will be announced later and FCCI Members from around the world will bring us answers to the foundational questions that have drawn men and women to the FCCI Vision for over 30 years.  With Kent, Walt and others on the platform enhanced by 15 powerful and practical breakouts (5 each day), being equipped and encouraged is a guarantee.

And don't forget, FCCI is committed to the belief that you (and your spouse) need time to decompress, to build relationships (to shop), and to refresh your spirit.  That means that onced again every afternoon will remain open, and on Tuesday you can have both the afternoon and evening for yourselves.
In 2009, we were reminded that God Called us into business.  Now in 2010 we continue to explore how we respond to that call - especially in these circumstances.  Come share the practical wisdom that comes from those who have done and are doing what FCCI is equipping an encouraging all of us to do - to operate our businesses and conduct our personal lives in accordance with biblical principals. For more information visit the FCCI website

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posted by Justin Forman | 4.12.2010 - 7:09 AM


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