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Our Souls at Work -- The book we've needed to break the sacred and secular divide

If the greatest potential for the Chrisitian Movement rests on the shoulders of Christian businessmen and women then what is our greatest barrier?

For years I've thought it was an organized follow-up system that could connect people with opportunities to fuse their faith with business.

It's not that that kind of system wouldn't be beneficial, but the greatest obstacle we face is validating men and women and unleashing them to look for opportunities in the things they are already doing.

One of the greatest untapped strengths of The Church are the entrepreneurs sitting in the pews every Sunday morning. They have unlimited business ideas that come from years of experience. These gifted entrepreneurs don't need a structured system to tell them HOW to use their skills ... They just need someone or something to tell them that work can be worship.

That's why I'm so excited about a new book called, Our Souls at Work- How Great Leaders Live their Faith in the Global Marketplace by Mark Russell.

In the book Mark tells the stories of several great business leaders who understand that work can be worship. 
  • Dennis Bakke- Author of Joy at Work
  • Steve Reinemund- Former PepsiCo CEO
  • Blake Mycoskie of TOMS Shoes
  • Steve Lynn – CEO of Backyard Burger and former CEO of Sonic and Shoneys
  • Ed Meese- The 75th US Attorney General
  • Mo Andersen – Vice Chair of Keller Williams Realty
  • Bonnie Wurzbacher – Coke Sr. VP of Global Leadership
  • John Tyson, Chairman of Tyson Foods
I found each of their stories and thoughts inspiring and challenging. One of the things I especially appreciated was the the fact that the introduction was written by Pastor and Author Dave Gibbons. Before pastoring New Song Church in California, Dave was a successful businessmen.

Dave's introduction was spot on. He understands that work can be worship and the importance of making sure the men and women in his church understand that as well. If more pastors understood this intersection like Dave, the ripple effect through the church would be incredible.

Mark didn't put me up to this, but I'd really encourage you to pick up a copy of the book for yourself. While you're at it grab an extra copy for your pastor. The pulpit is the largest megaphone into the Christian movement. And if work is going to increasingly be seen as an opportunity for worship its going to take a lot of pastors "getting it".

You can get a copy on Mark's website, www.russell-media.com. I asked Mark if we could get a special discount and he gave us a discount code, Rmdiscount4. When you enter that in on his website, it will give you free shipping and 20% off.

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posted by Justin Forman | 3.06.2010 - 10:35 PM


The book sounds interesting. I also love to read about leaders hwo dont compromise. I do wish there were more books to highlight the blue collar/white collar worker who does the same.

Thanks for pointing out the book

This book sounds really good. I'd love to read all the stories. Thanks!
commented by Anonymous Leon de Rijke, 7:55 AM  

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