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Videre Microfinance in Dallas, Texas is Hiring Several Positions

Dallas Operations Manager
DallasThe Dallas Operations Manager is in charge of executing all day-to-day activities in the U.S. to continue the growth of Videre.

This position is absolutely critical for Videre's second year of growth as a new organization and will provide first-hand training in running a start-up nonprofit.  Specific roles include, but are not limited to, Donor Cultivation, Record-keeping, Basic Marketing, Network Building and Logistics Management.  There will also be opportunities for overseas travel to get first-hand economic development experience on the field.

For full job description, please 
click here.

East Africa Regional Director
East AfricaThe East Africa Regional Director will oversee the region in Africa that includes Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, and other East African countries. 

The Director will be stationed in Kampala, Uganda, and will be running operations and building strategic partnerships in the region.  This position 1) brings Videre closer to the people it serves in Sudan, allowing more effective operations, and 2) moves Videre towards an international expansion strategy through new operation sites, church partnerships, and an international donor base.  The goal of this director position is to cultivate and disciple nationals to take over the position in a 2-5 year period.

Videre will also be looking for an assistant director in this region.

For full job description, please 
click here.

East/Southeast Asia Regional Director
AsiaVidere is looking to expand its microfinance and business training program into Asia.  

Videre is looking to position a regional director in Asia to scout out new microfinance site opportunities, build church relationships, and train and disciple local entrepreneurs.  The job description for Asia Regional Director would be similar to the position for East Africa Regional Director.

If you have an interest in economic development in Asia, please contact 
Iris Liang

Internship Opportunities

Videre has 10-12 week (or longer) internship opportunities for those who are interested in business as missions and economic development. 

Videre is looking for interns to start as soon as possible.  Summer 2010 internships are also available.
Dallas Operations Intern

Marketing and Communications Intern

Internships are not limited to the above.  Please contact Iris Liang if you are interested in interning with Videre.

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posted by Justin Forman | 2.04.2010 - 7:11 AM


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