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Where are the Churches that Love on Business People?

Does your pastor “get you”?  Does he validate and value your role in the business world? Does your church understand your call to serve Christ in the marketplace?

If so, I’d love to hear about your story. 

Like an investigative reporter, I’m trying to uncover churches that get the idea that business can be ministry. They don’t necessarily need to be thinking about it in an international context. I’m just looking for churches who have taken the first steps to love on business people, pray for them and affirm their calling. 

Their story needs to be told through articles and at conferences but I can’t get there without your help. 

Have you seen your church live it out? Do you know of other churches that are? 

Email me at justin@businessasmissionetwork.com or reply with a comment and we’ll share the results in the coming weeks. 

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posted by Justin Forman | 1.28.2010 - 7:43 AM


For most churches...as you have already surmised ... the business person is the forgotten entity, except when there is a need for free goods.

We should send our business leaders out in the same way we send missionaries out. Call them up front. Lay hands on them. Pray for them. Commission them to do Gods work.


Thanks David. That's why we're hoping to reverse the trend by spotlighting some churches that are doing some of the very things you're talking about.

Tell me a little more about your church. Where are you guys located? How often do you guys send people out? Does the pastor really "get it"?
commented by Blogger Justin Forman, 9:16 AM  

I wrote a paper on this a few years back. I'll send you what I have. I've been dreaming about a church, or church cooperative (association in Baptist terms) that acts as a missional business venture capital firm, commissioning business teams into new fields. I'd love to brainstorm this idea further.
commented by Blogger Ezell, 10:57 AM  

I'm actually in the process of conducting a survey for the student organization I'm developing (AVODAH Student Fellowship International: http://tukingdombusiness.wordpress.com/). One of the questions I am asking is multiple choice (check all that apply):

"I believe that my church/Christian community...
(a)acknowledges the possibility of being called to the marketplace
(b)encourages me in my professional development
(c)equips and teaches me how to pratically integrate my faith with my future vocation
(d) None of the above

Suprisingly so far I am the only one who has checked "none of the above"! So once the survey is closed I will have a collection of chuches who apparently are serving their members in this matter! Praise God! I haven't experienced it myself yet though and I am also still searching, but be encouraged!

Justin, I will share the results and which churches are represented when it is complete if you'd like to publicize it.

For Christ and His Kingdom,
commented by Anonymous Amber Aureden, 7:07 PM  

Take a look at www.kiros.org. You'll connect to an organization in and around the Seattle area that is filled with Christians in business. There are bound to be people you can connect with regarding your research.

In Singapore, many churches (the pentecostals, Brethren, presbyterian and bible presbyterian, the anglicans and the methodists, are embracing the marketplace ministries and a few businessmen fellowships eg. the Full Gospel Business Men Fellowship International which is not affiliated with US at this moment, Global Business Vision, Christian Business Men Fellowship, ACTS, mentoring many in the business arena as well as the professionals sector.
Singapore being Antioch of the east, was prophesied by Billy Graham in 70's. I encouraged all brothers and sisters in Christ to take up position in the 7 mountains of influence in their own countries especially the government and family in USA as your system is being used by the devil himself.
commented by Anonymous Asia Michael, 8:46 PM  

I am a pastor and a theological educator that just entered the world of business last December. The reaction of my fellow pastors are mixed. One said, "The business world is dangerous." Still another told me, "You are perhaps overwhelmed." I find that most members of the church are not prepared to see pastors entering the business field. I thank the Lord leading me to 7 Mountains...
commented by Anonymous Ruel Chavez, 9:25 PM  

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