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Business as Mission Event Coming to Portland, Oregon Feb 4-6th

February 4-6, 2010 there will be an OPEN Expo in Portland Oregon. OPEN is a network of 280+ tentmakers and Business as Mission people working in various businesses throughout the 10/40 Window to reach the unreached. The presenters are overseas workers who have established businesses and making a difference in communities around the world. 

The leaders of the OPEN Network believe there is a need for American business people who are qualified to connect with those doing business as mission (BAM) and tentmaking overseas.  The OPEN Expos are for any professional who desires to assist or create sustainable, profitable companies, whose owners and/or employees are engaging the unreached for Christ. The Expo is not an introduction to business as mission (BAM).  Little time will be given to definitions and the biblical basis of doing BAM or the pros and cons of BAM.  Those who attend this meeting should be people who already believe BAM works. Those who attend will be provided ideas and opportunities about where/how/when they can get involved.  
The primary objectives of the Expo are:

  • Link business people with overseas workers & teams who desire coaching.
  • Model how business leads to transforming Muslim and Hindu communities.
  • Explore new models of doing mission.

Here are some comments from attendees of last year’s Expo, held in York PA.

“I have been to many BAM seminars and conferences; let me assure you none were as challenging and comprehensive as the OPEN Expo. Having so many experienced people there who have really done it, made the difference.”   Tim

“You guys really do integrate business with mission.”   J.

“I never got it (how business and missions works together) now I do – count me in!”  Tom

You really do have the ear of many who are looking for the future of BAM, this Expo made that clear to me. I also believe that you have the right vision for the future.   Andy

“I came alone – what a mistake. I’m bringing my friends next time.”    John

I wanted to encourage you that the Expo in York was absolutely fantastic. I really felt the Spirit of God there and I am excited about this new wave of God's plan for the world.   Steven

This is not just another seminar or missions conference.  This will be a time of planning new ways of doing mission, and getting personally involved as you are able with field practitioners.  There are many discussion sessions built into the program to enable everyone to interact with one another.

For more information go to www.OPENExpoUSA.com or contact Laura 14laura14@gmail.comThe password for registering on the website is; openb4t

Please pass this information on to others (business people, engineers, IT workers, teachers, all professions are needed) who are interested in getting off the bench and getting involved in reaching the unreached.  Yes, you can put it on the church bulletin board or website too.

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posted by Justin Forman | 1.06.2010 - 7:35 AM


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