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I need your help finding Superman

There's no other way to say it. I need your help finding Superman.

My generation has grown up without "heros" they can look up to. When someone talks about trading in their pursuit of climbing the corporate ladder to use their time, talent and businesses themselves as ministry, they have few examples to follow.

But there's heros all around. We've highlighted some of them like Red Dot, Olive Technology, EC Group, Mexia and others. But we must keep going.

You or your friends might not be looking for recognition. I admire that. But we need to tell the story so young entrepreneurs in my generation will be inspired to get involved.

Maybe you've got a great story to tell but can't due to the sensitivity of where you're located. We'd be happy to keep it anonymous or talk about it in a bigger picture to be respectful of you and anyone in your community.

So here's how you can help. Click here to email me a brief synopsis of the story or the business. Please be sure to include your name and contact information. Also include the contacts of the business leaders if your sharing about a friend.

Please email these before the start of the new year so we can spend some time in the new year, highlighting them. Thanks for all your help!

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posted by Justin Forman | 12.08.2009 - 8:53 PM


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