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Affirm - Confirm - Empower Business Leaders

By Al Caperna - A number of years ago I started reading the Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13), focusing on “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.” While praying that prayer, I have been asking God, “If this is Your mission statement, what are your action items to accomplish it?” Because if this was a mission statement at work I would be posting it, communicating it, putting action items together, and then following up to see if our action items were accomplished. As I have been praying about God’s mission statement there are a couple of areas He showed me that I needed to realign first if I wanted to really make His goal, my goal.

Justin Forman, shared on his blog, Business as Mission Network, about the separation between the sacred and secular divide. He did a good job explaining that God has something in mind for us and His creations. It is work! There is no division between secular and sacred.

If we as business people are genuinely fulfilling our callings in the workplace we bring peace, opportunity, and the love of Christ to the area we have stewardship over. We enable each person to function in their area of giftedness, which results in “all things working together for good.”

I believe there are three basic components of beginning to live out the calling to business:

Affirm- A person called to business needs to be affirmed in the calling and know that he or she was created for this. As I spend time with pastors, missionaries and even doctors I hear a common statement, “… when I received my call!”

“When I received my call!” What a great vision statement, regarding the importance of life’s work. It is appropriate for business people to have the same confidence in the significance of their calling. We as a body of believers need to acknowledge the calling of business leaders so we can hear back with confidence from them, “I remember when I received my call to business!”

Confirm- Once affirmed in the calling of business, it is necessary to receive training, become educated and be challenged to be a person of excellence by someone that believes in you. There has been a divide between the training in business and the training as a follower of Christ. God has a plan on how we should walk with him as we work. As Neal Johnson explains in his new book coming out in December, Business As Mission: A Comprehensive Guide to Theory and Practice, excellence in the business world and a close walk with Christ is one in the same. To do this requires training, practice, and dedication.

Empower- After being affirmed and confirmed in the business calling, it is important to be empowered to go forward. What empowers someone to be great? What empowers a person to go beyond the normal and stand on the platform of the Olympics podium?

Being empowered may come in many forms. It might be as simple as having a family member continue to say, “I believe in you”. Or it may be a unique opportunity that God provides and you say “yes.” However, most likely it will come through an individual with the same calling, who walks with you through the process providing encouragement, coaching and on-going wisdom and support. There is no better way to be empowered in your calling than to spend quality time with those who have similar callings.

Let’s make it a goal to affirm business leaders in their calling, confirm that calling with sound training, and empower those leaders so we may see God restore peace and opportunity to the earth. Blessing to you and yours.

Al Caperna - CEO, CMC Group and Director, call2business/ call2all Business Network

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posted by Justin Forman | 11.25.2009 - 7:58 AM


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