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A Message to Christian Leaders – Stand Up

By Buck Jacobs- This is a word to Christian leaders, particularly for leaders of leaders. These are tumultuous times. Things are being shaken that have never been shaken and there is a spirit of fatigue and even fear loose in our land and in the Church. There is no longer any security in things that had been thought to be secure and as I travel and speak to believers across the country I hear a cry for relief and a return for “the way things were.” My brothers and sisters we are in danger of missing the point. These circumstances are no surprise to God and He’s not going to give us a quick-fix return to prosperity and an ever-upward always improving life. In fact we grieve Him when we fail to realize that we have in fact been born for” just such a time as this.” God planned for you and I to be His ambassadors in just these days before He made the earth. Rather than whining and crying for “the good old days we need to be rejoicing in the privilege of His call to these days and looking to Him for all we need to do all He wants, We are to be light in the darkness, and if we aren’t , who will be? Should we be looking at the world for courage and confidence in the face of uncertainty? Nonsense! We are the containers of the only true “Hope of the world.”

And what kind of leaders should we be and do those looking to us deserve? Should we be trembling and quaking with the world, fearful that our 401Ks will shrink further or that we may lack all we really need to care for our families, begging God for relief? No indeed, we have been called by the Almighty and Sovereign God of the Universe to represent Him here and now. We are called to be leaders that instill hope and confidence and even joy in the midst of turmoil. We need to be filled with faith like that of Daniel when he faced the lion’s den and like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego when they faced the fire. God ordained and called them to the tests they faced and He has called and ordained us to ours. God is not surprised by the economic shaking we see, He knew it was coming and He knows what comes next, and He has called us to lead leaders In these times not out of them! Its gut check time leaders, time for us to show the world what we really believe. The circumstances of life don’t make us what we are, they reveal what we are! Stand up! “Be strong and courageous….” Double down on your quiet time, focus on building intimacy with God, repent of the troubling sin, get help if you need it, but press on and press in! There will never be a better time for us to lead or a more critical need for us to be the leaders that God has called us to be.

There was a fourth man walking with the three in the fire. He was “like unto the Son of Man.” He was there for them, He is here for us, but He won’t be found by the fearful or those hoping for a compromised comfort of a return to Egypt. He walks with the faithful and the fearless. May it one day be said of us that we were among those who did not love their lives unto death. Lead leaders, lead! Lead!

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posted by Justin Forman | 10.22.2009 - 7:37 AM


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