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In the Beginning God created us to ... Work?

By Justin Forman - The men of 0ur community group just started reading through the Old Testament for our fall study. You know what struck me so profoundly when we read thorugh Genesis?

God created us to Work.

No sooner had God formed Adam (Genesis 2:6) that he "put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it". Only but a few verses later he goes on to ask man to name all the animals that roamed the earth (Genesis 2:19).

This probably comes to you as no surprise, you've heard that idea. God created us to work. Got it. But what I think we sometimes miss is the order.

So often times we believe that work was this punishment handed down by God as punishment for disobeying him (Genesis 3). That couldn't be more farther from the truth. God created us to work, then sin entered the world. We had the perfect world but then it all changed. Enter computer crashes, viruses, technical difficulties and all those other thorns that God caused to make things an even greater challenge.

Culture has been the great accelerant in this warped thinking that work is our punishment. Commericals and movies have ingrained this idea that the 5-6 days of work are just o get us to the weekend.

In our attempt to put a Christian spin on it we further miss the point. We somehow think that the workweek is our step to get to the real worship on Sunday morning.

Where did thing get so out of order? When did we believe that somehow volunteering on a Wednesday night with the youth is important enough to overlook the 40-50 hours of opporutnity in the office?

Don't get me wrong. I love getting involved in opportunities to serve in the church, but I think we could all use reminding that in the beginning God created us to work. When the world was still perfect, before sin had not entered the world, our primary act of worship was working in His garden.

Even God himself modeled that for us by spending 6 days working, and finally on the 7th day he rested.

So tomorrow, I head off to work. To care for His creation. His kingdom. Hopefully I can remind myself that how I go about it might be the greatest act of worship I do all week.

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posted by Justin Forman | 10.13.2009 - 7:10 AM


Great Point!

AND, if you go back a little further to Gen 1:1 you see that "In the beginning God MADE."

So God worked FIRST! We are created in the image of God. God was the FIRST worker.

Jesus was a Carpenter.

Jeff Pelletier- Host, "God's Work in Progress" WorldTalkRadio.com
commented by Anonymous Jeff Pelletier, 10:54 AM  

Amen! This doctrine is so under stressed and downplayed, it is huge. The failed work doctrine is a source of dehumanization and demonic manipulation. I find no scriptural blessing for sloth. Just as important is the work model that God has given us. The first term He uses in scripture to describe work is "created', an encompassing term that provides a deep insight into the God concept of work: it is inspired, passionate, godly and rewarding. At the end of the week all of God's work was bestowed on man. He then imparted the 'gift' of work to mankind and delegated the ongoing process to us. For those who have the embedded work gift in them. darkness brought forth slavery and bondage which evolved into the present concepts of industrialization (just plodding gears in a changing machine) and consumerism which sucks the life, blessing and sanctity out of work as we lose sight of the creator within. I wonder how this would do in book form? Thanks for the thought, Justin.
commented by Anonymous pastorlesm, 1:03 PM  


we focus on the "weeds and thorns" as a result of the fall and make the "work" connection.

But, like you said, we have always been meant to work. Only now, it won't be easy.

Great reminder

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