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Workplace Leaders Forum in Dallas with Bill Job of Mexia International

Last week I had the chance to get lunch with Bill Peel. Bill's an author and has been on a mission for many years to break down the divide between business and ministry. Bill along with several other business leaders are planning a get together at one of the key churches in Dallas. Bill Job will be speaking at the gathering. Below is a quick writeup from their website and above is a 3 minute video we filmed overseas about Bill's story.

Can I have a profitable business and serve God at the same time? Does my work and business have anything to do with God's Kingdom?

Bill Job is the founder and CEO of Meixia International, one of the first solely foreign-owned businesses in China. Hear Bill share how including God in your business can be a distinct business advantage. More business leaders are finding that faith and the values that come with it can not only have a positive impact on the bottom line but can improve people's lives as well.
Bill has won numerous awards including Employer of the Year in the city of Xiamen several years running and was recognized by The Wall Street Journal as a leader in his industry and "pioneer business spirit and innovative artist." Bill has also incubated several successful businesses including Barrington Group's manufacturing facility in China run by Dallasite Ben Briggs. Many companies need to consider global strategies to remain competitive! Learn how God is using globalization to spread his Kingdom through companies who are part of groups like the Global CEO Network. Also learn how you can leverage Bill's experience to impact multiple bottom lines for your company. View a video about Meixia and Bill Job below. Where & When- Fellowship Hall, Park Cities Presbyterian Church Sept 29th, Noon to 1:30. Register now

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posted by Justin Forman | 9.16.2009 - 6:50 AM


This video was a blessing. I believe that everything we do in life should have God involved. Our worship should last from when we wake until when we sleep! We can do anything for our God, from sharing the Gospel, to ministering to those in need, to even sweeping our own floors at home! Our God is Love and we were created in His image, so we are supposed to be love also! Thank you Bill, for your work and worship ethics!

With Love in Christ,

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