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Painted in a Corner - Business as Mission isn't a Choice, its the only option

By Justin Forman - Time. Come to find out the older we get it's really not on our side.

As a kid I remeber endless summers with little league baseball, soccer camps, vacations and still enough time left over to tell mom we were bored.

During college I had time for studies, business, ministry, church, small groups, exercise, travel and still leftover time to burn with friends.

As busy as things were there was always room to add some other ministry opportunity on the end of the list.

Fast forward 8 years later. A wonderful wife, 9 month old son, the desire to be a good father and husband, 15 year old house with plenty of projects, a yard always in need of mowing, 70 people on our sales team to lead, a 3 page list of business ideas has claimed every bit of time and then some.

The older we get, the more we recognize that constantly adding things to the list paints us in a corner.

Combining business and ministry is no longer a choice. There's not enough time to keep adding things to the list.

The average person spends 25% or more of their waking hours at work, compared to 1-2% in church activities on Sunday mornings or throughout the week. How can we afford not live missionally and see that time in business as ministry?

What about you? Do you ever feel the pressures of life are forcing you to make some changes? When did you decide to combine business and ministry together?

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posted by Justin Forman | 9.01.2009 - 7:45 AM


This really hits home for us! Time really does seem less abundant the older we get. Reflecting on how much could be packed into one life at 25, then 45, is vastly different. At 53, I'm finding yet less available time.

However, you asked when we combined business with ministry, and for us it was when we caught the vision from your website. Firmly believing God has a ministry purpose for us all, it just makes sense to combine them with our 'job'.

A study on worship revealed it to really mean 'how we live our life', in other words, our life IS our worship.

Thank you for what you do, it's what's to come...

Ah yes, Father Time. A precious commodity we often take for granted. As an aging babyboomer, sometimes I wish I could turn back the hands of time. But that's only wishful thinking. The reality is we need to make the best use of the time we now have. Make every minute or moment count. Find your passion and your purpose... and make a difference. Business as mission is a way to accomplish this. Use your business talents to fulfill your purpose. After all, we were each put on this earth to fulfill a purpose. Irrespective of whatever time we have left, we need to choose to do it now!
Need inspiration? Look at how much Jesus accomplished in his short time on earth.
commented by Blogger cybersurfer2349, 9:09 AM  

Your comments are so relevant given the fact that life for my family goes from 0 - 90 mph with the start of a new school year and church activities. Understanding that all we do (personal and professional) is a form of worship takes the pressure off of trying to fill our daily calendars with supposedly 'sacred / church' activities. We are called to share the love of Christ in everything we do.
commented by Anonymous gelzinga, 4:48 PM  

Yes, time management is a problem we have to face more than we would like to face it. But, I hear also the question: how can you do business and ministry? I would like to challenge you: doesn't the expression: business as mission imply, that your business is ministry? Ok, selling water bottles is not spreading the gospel, right? No, again, I would like to challenge. You can sell the bottles just as selling bottles. You make some profit by doing this and that's it. Or you can do it as ministry. I mean by that, outwardly nothing changes. You sell and earn money. But inside you wait for the Lord to give you instruktions. And by that you see, that selling the bottles, changes your staff, changes your customers. God gives a sentence in your mind, that doesn't make sense to you. But in obedience you say it to the customer, and that person is hit by the Holy Spirit and actually you are ministering in a way, no pastor can do.... by selling bottles! Business is ministry, if you listen and obey, not if you spend time! Does this challenge you? I hope, you don't get angry at me, because of this different angle I used to approach your subject.
commented by Anonymous Jeffrey, 7:11 AM  

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