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Business as Mission Network:: Turn Good Business and Missions into Great MinistryTurn Good Business and Missions into Great Ministry with News, Resources, and Tools from the leading businesss leaders, authors, pastors around the world

Key Business as Mission Leaders Gathering in Dallas in October

The 12th Global CEO Network meeting will be held in Dallas, TX October 14-16, 2009. The Dallas meeting will be focused on how kingdom values can create a competitive advantage in global business. We will also highlight how kingdom companies have found creative solutions to the difficult economic times. We will be highlighting success stories that have come out of the Global CEO Network events including business deals, ministry efforts, cooperative efforts and more.
Please plan to join us in Dallas for what will be an exciting showcase of case studies and networking! The CEO meetings were organized to assist companies who are using their international businesses to have a kingdom impact and to create practical solutions to the business and spiritual issues they face. We believe there are thousands of businessmen who would get involved if they could only see the way. The involvement of these men and women would not only lead to new kingdom companies being created around the world but would also provide critical support to those of us operating kingdom businesses. Speakers at the event will include:

Luke Tatone, the founder of ATK Global Services, he will be speaking about his journey of creating a kingdom company and developing a global customer base within a secular firm. http://www.aktservicesllp.com/AKTCompanies/AKTGlobal

David Gowdey, of the Barrington Group, a producer of high-end corporate gifts including leather products, will speak on creating a production operation in China and how his church family struggles with understanding his China operations as a “ministry”. Notably President Obama was photographed with one of David’s briefcases! http://www.barringtongifts.com/

Bill Job, Meixia International, a China based manufacturing business, will describe how the economic crisis has impacted his walk with God. He will also present how his partnership approach impacts his relationship with his customer. http://www.meixia.com/

Chuck Welden will be describing the fruit that has developed since the March Global CEO Network held in Birmingham, AL. Angela Hough will describe the impact of her ongoing business networking/mentoring in Poland.

We will also be paying a special tribute to Bill Goheen, a group member, BAM contributor and author of the Galtronics Story, who passed away suddenly from cancer on July 28th.

If you have never attended a Global CEO Network meeting, or need to be reminded of why you are attending, please plan to participate in the orientation session October 14th from 3:00-4:30 pm. This session answers fundamental questions regarding the business as mission movement and provides perspective on the role that The Global CEO Network plays in moving God's kingdom forward. Please click on this link to download the agenda, which includes the Dallas/Park Cities hotel information.

For more information email Alicia at afuller@ecgroup-intl.com.

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posted by Justin Forman | 9.08.2009 - 7:57 AM


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