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Quotable - "We need businesses the most, we need jobs"

Milton Friedman was asked, "How do you make the world a better place?" His reply is instructive for us. "If you want to improve the world, you have to create more capital. While creating nonprofits makes people feel better, the only way to fundamentally improve living conditions is to create more business."

The past month we were in Africa. The teams we’ve been working with are working in some of the harshest physical environments on the planet. Many days the temperature was above 44’C (110’F). Some of the areas we visited score in the bottom 10 of almost every United Nations category for health services, disease, poverty, unemployment, water, etc. The teams in these areas are using various approaches to gain favor with the people so as to win some. (1 Cor 9:22) Some are providing health care (Matt 10:8), others are feeding the hungry (Rom 12:20), some are operating businesses (Col 3:17) and others are educating the illiterate using the Bible (Rom 12:7). Each of these strategies has Biblical support. Each of these strategies is producing good fruit. Yet as a curious individual, I asked a few local Muslims, “I notice that foreigners are spread around your country feeding the hungry and operating hospitals, businesses, and schools. Of these services which do you appreciate the most?” To a man they replied in a similar manner, “We need businesses the most, we need jobs.”

One day, coming out of a restaurant with my drink in hand I met a young beggar. Not wanting to give him money, I offered him my Coke. He gladly took the cool drink as I verbalized, “In Jesus Name”. Coming here and giving a cup of cold water (or Coke in this case) in Jesus’ Name (Matt 10:42) is very rewarding. I think we all have a good feeling whenever we do good deeds. But as I continued my walk home I realized though that I had only provided a very temporary solution to this teenager’s problem. In just a few hours he would be thirsty again. Once again I see the value of creating jobs. A job empowers the person to determine what their needs are and then fulfill those needs. And with empowerment comes respect. Who are the people you respect the most? Teachers, pastors, friends, business people; all are people who have helped you in some tangible way. These are the people you are ready to stop, take a moment for and listen to. As ambassadors of Christ, one key to unlocking doors which are closing to Jesus is creating jobs.

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posted by Justin Forman | 8.18.2009 - 8:03 AM


Very well stated! I appreciate the work that is done overseas, but I am sure that you are aware that there are many places in the US where job opportunities are needed.

I am working with an International Missions organization on an Indian Reservation in the Inland Northwest.

Do you know of any of your members who have a burden to train, invest, and establish economic opportunities for Native Americans and rural societies?
commented by Blogger Vo, 2:40 PM  

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