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National Business as Mission Event in Grand Rapids, Michigan

By Greg Elzinga - The dates are set for the 2009 Partners Worldwide Partnership Summit. This event will take place October 8 - 10 in Grand Rapids, MI. Our events are structured in such a way that in odd-numbered years (2009) we have a smaller event focused on North American business people and in even-numbered years (2010) we have a larger event which draws in business people from over 20-25 countries. The focus of our 2009 Partnership Summit is the following:
  • To provide a venue for current Partners Worldwide members to share best practices and lessons learned as they pursue our vision of Business as ministry with for a world without poverty. We are expecting approximately 75 of our current members that are currently engaged in cross cultural partnerships with emerging entrepreneurs in Africa, Asia and Latin America with the goal of creating sustainable employment to help end the cycle of poverty.

  • We are also expecting another 75+ people that are interested in learning more about our business ministry and exploring ways that God can use their business skills and experience in global ministry.

  • An overarching theme will be the affirmation that God has called them into business. We want to encourage and equip Christian business people to view their "business as their ministry"...whether they are a business owner or employee of a company.

Whether you've been in Business as Mission for years, or looking to get involved this is a great opportunity. For more information and to register, click here .

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posted by Justin Forman | 8.14.2009 - 7:38 AM


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