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Quotable - What if spend money where it would get the best return?

"What if we begin to spend money in our Kingdom work where it would get the best return? If it costs $25,000 for one salvation decision using church staff and only $1,700 per decision for workplace chaplains, then why do not we redirect our staffing and funding?

If one marketplace chaplain will lead 28 people to Christ a year and most churches do not baptize that many adults in a year, then why do not do what Jesus did? Why not just go to the marketplace where the lost people are everyday just as Jesus did? Jesus knew that most of the lost people would never go to the temple, so he went to them where they lived, worked, and played. What if seminaries trained thousands of workplace chaplains and encouraged pastors to have every workplace executives to hire those chaplains in their public and private workplaces? If people are no longer being drawn to the local churches, then why do not we just train chaplains, workplace leaders, and ALL of our members to love and serve the people in their sphere of influence? Since most people come to Christ through ORDINARY followers of Jesus, then why all the emphasis on buildings, programs, and professional staff instead of the everyday average follower of Christ?"

Kent Humphreys

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posted by Justin Forman | 7.24.2009 - 7:48 AM


Maybe we should be investing more resources in workplace chaplains. However, this is the most truncated view of what it means to fulfil the great commission that I have read in a long time.

Jesus did not say go and get as many salvation decisions as you can in the shortest possible time and for the lowest possible cost. Rather, he said "go and make disciples, teaching them everything."

Salvation decisions are just a first step in the pilgrimage of being a disciple of Jesus. Being part of a community of fellow disciples, along with your family, is also part of that pilgrimage.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 10:16 AM  

I stumbled on this blog googling for BAM, but I have to say that most of the churches I've been to, even the one I attend now aren't about "buildings, programs, and professional staff". The DO realize that it is necessary to disciple your congregation and reach people where they are. Where is he getting this?

I think most of us realize the limitations in just trying to "attract" people to church, and realize we need to be show Christ where we are, in our workplaces/campuses. etc.

The problem isn't that we don't realize the value in investing in the everyday follower, the problem is that we just don't do it. We just don't have the heart to reach those and sacrifice our time and energy for those nearest to us which is why we need to pray for that move of God in our hearts.
commented by Blogger ookblah, 5:18 PM  

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