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Pro-Line Racing Business Serving Casa Hogar Belen

By Todd Mattson - This is a simple story of running my business and encouraging associates to make a difference in a ministry activity. While, I’ve always had opportunities for ministry at work, home and in the community, I couldn’t have guessed what plans the Lord had for my business and our people to minister to others in a unique way.

A friend invited me on a day trip to a Mexican orphanage. Although I’d been to Mexico before for ministry, it had been many years. The few minutes we traveled south of the border transported us to a place seemingly much farther from home. This small orphanage, Casa Hogar Belen, is home to 70 children and the small staff who love and care for them. In minutes, those children embedded themselves into my heart. The orphanage, though small, was tidy and well supplied with food and clothing. The children ranged in age from infants to older teens. Their needs were the same as my own children, to be loved and cared for, but their lives were markedly different.

Among the many challenges of keeping 70 youngsters fed, clothed and healthy, the small staff had another problem. The orphanage’s outdoor play equipment was dilapidated and dangerous. My friend and host suggested I bring a group from my company and build these children a proper playground. I was interested, but unsure what the response would be from my associates. Would they want to help children south of the border or were they too busy with their own lives? I took a few pictures of the children and the orphanage to share at our next company meeting.

Eagerly, I shared the pictures and the opportunity we had to make a difference with the entire company. We could take an unpaid day off, travel to Mexico, assemble a playground, play game sand spend time with the children. The response was overwhelming. Of the 40 associates, 30signed onto the project.

I handed over the reins to an associate who arranged the date, made a transportation plan and all other arrangements. The friend who introduced me to the orphanage planned the playground construction, logistics and established a budget for the project.There was a lot of excitement surrounding the upcoming trip. I overheard conversations about the ninos (children) and what our trip might be like. Along with 30 company associates, our group included associates’ family members, friends and one of our suppliers. The video, taken by an associate, shows highlights from the day and is a precious record of one of the best days we’ve ever had together. From this trip, another was planned and executed by the associates, who are now invested in this ministry.
I spent very little personal time on the project and was very impressed with what we accomplished. Certainly, the lives of the small children were changed, but so were the lives of many associates. I supplied the idea, a “day off ”, spent about 2 hours in meetings and prayer on the project and paid all expenses. Very little given, great return.

To see a video of the Pro Line Racing Team on their trip, visit http://www.prolineracing.com/t-video.aspx and then scroll down on the far right side to the video "Pro Line Racing Gives Back".

To learn more about Pro Line Racing, visit www.prolineracing.com. Pro Line Racing is a member of a local Convene. Convene members are CEOs, Business Owners, and Executives who desire to be and do more. They want to take their businesses to the next level and honor God in the way they lead and run them. Learn more at convenenow.com.

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posted by Justin Forman | 7.02.2009 - 7:51 AM


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