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A glimpse into Heavan - Following up from the Call 2 All conference in Hong Kong

By Buck Jacobs, Founder and Chairman of the C12 Group - My trip to attend the Call2All conference in Hong Kong was a kaleidoscope of impressions, relationships, and sensory input that is going to be hard to capture. So many were packed into such a short time.

First, who Call2All is from their web site - "Call2All is a worldwide movement calling the church to a renewed, focused collaborative effort to complete the Great Commission.Call2All is about all nations, all spheres of society and every unreached person everywhere in the world. It is strategy-centered, action-oriented movement focusing on where the Church is NOT, rather than where it is. Its purpose is not to replace existing ministry but to network, train and focus the body of Christ to fulfill the Great Commission. Call2All is about engaging Christian leaders in new and more comprehensive strategies.Call2All Let's start with the event itself.Call2All is drawing together the Global Church in an unprecedented way to reach the least, the last and the lost."
Call2All convenes Christian leaders in Strategy Congresses and provides new avenues for training to foster a global move of God.

This year the invitation included an unusual pronouncement:
"God has been speaking to us about involving the "whole church" in the call2all movement and we are responding to his call. We have acknowledged that for too long we have focused on the "professional" missionary agencies and churches to spread the word of God to His people. We realize that if the other 95% of the Body of Christ joins us we can reach many more people for Him. In that effort, we are warmly inviting leaders from the Workplace,including the Market Place ministries, BAM (Business as Mission), Business Leaders, and the everyday workplace believer to partner with us. We are not doing this primarily to get your financial support; we want your involvement on the front lines! We apologize for our past actions of asking for money without getting your heart and hands in coordination with us first. We look forward to seeking God together and finding ways we can serve you and your calling as workers in the great commission. We hope you'll find a way to join us and other key leaders from around the world."

I was invited to be a part of the strategic planning group who were called together to begin forming strategic objectives to accomplish the integration, and did meet with that group on three afternoons. As might be imagined getting agreement on even simple terms was awkward at first and there is way more yet to be done than was accomplished in the three days.But it was a start and if we are willing to listen to God and set aside preconceptions and personal prejudices who knows what might happen?

The mornings were times of teaching, worship, and prayer and it was thrilling to see thousands of Christians from across Asia and around the world joining together in praise and worship. A huge world map was spread out in the middle of the hall and people would wander to stand on a country to pray for that nation.

The afternoons were broken into three teaching threads, missions, church,and business taught by leaders from around the world. I shared a small part in one breakout and was amazed at the response. Kent Humphries and I stayed for 30-45 minutes after the session counseling and praying with business owners from Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Polynesia, and other countries. It was a very moving time to see the sincerity and passion for Jesus and His way in their businesses and to be able to stand with them and bring them to Him in prayer. That part alone would have been worth the whole trip to me.

I distributed a few books and pamphlets and exchanged a bunch of business cards and as always it is hard to measure the direct benefit from attending an event like this. Some people that seem to be very interested disappear and others who you meet only briefly pop up and are indeed "divine appointments." I believe that I was supposed to go and that God will use the trip in His way and time. Time will tell. I didn't go to make business contacts but there were many of them as well.

One of the most powerful memories that I will hold of this time is that of the young, very very bright, and capable, committed Christian business owners that I met who hold no brief with a separated life but see themselves as 24/7 Christians. I met several from China are risking all they have and sacrificing all that they could have in a career in a position in the US by starting and leading various businesses as ministry. The clear and sparkling look in their eyes as they talked to me about the visions and calling they hold inspired me. I just wanted to give a hug and anything else that I could to encourage them and speed them on. God is indeed at work in the marketplace and in places and ways that we don't hear about through people we may never meet this side of heaven. The gathering in Hong Kong was a glimpse of a bit of what heaven may be like.

Buck Jacobs is the Founder & Chairman of the C12 Group and a regular contributor to the Business as Mission Network. To learn more about the C12 Group visit www.c12group.com.

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posted by Justin Forman | 7.02.2009 - 7:34 AM


i read your artical and think you did a great job summarizing the call2all in HK. It was one of the highlites of hte trip to meet you and spend time together.

Blessings al
commented by Blogger Albert, 8:55 AM  

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