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Business as Mission Network:: Turn Good Business and Missions into Great MinistryTurn Good Business and Missions into Great Ministry with News, Resources, and Tools from the leading businesss leaders, authors, pastors around the world

20+ Workshops of the Introduction to Business as Mission Course

For the past couple of years, the International Business as Mission Training (iBAM) has been a great opportunity to learn theory and see reality of Business as Mission up close.

Now they're gearing up for another year. Maybe, your considering getting involved? Now they have a 3 week and 5 week training course. Here's a rich list of the topics that have been taught – most of them will be covered again.

List of Workshops

  • Business as Mission Teaching: Biblical view of work and Business – Mats Tunehag, Landa Cope
  • The bottom lines of business as mission – Mats Tunehag, Peter Shaukat
  • Business people as role models and influencers in society – past and present - Mats Tunehag
  • Slavery today – human trafficking and the role of business as mission as a solution to real world problems – Mats Tunehag
  • SME sector as a strategic focus in business as mission – compared and contrasted to Microenterprise and overseas private equity models – Mats Tunehag, Peter Shaukat
  • What is success in business as mission? Goal setting and evaluation for ‘successful’ business as mission enterprises - Peter Shaukat
  • Capitalisation of business as mission enterprises – 7 types of capital needed, Stages of a business and financial capitalisation – Peter Shaukat
  • Microenterprise Development – principles and case study – John Quinley (of Step Ahead MED)
  • Dealing with corruption – Landa Cope, Peter Shaukat
  • Success and failure in business – principles from a personal story – David S, Bill R
  • Business as Mission and Incarnation
  • Biblical worldview, God’s view of nations – Landa Cope
  • God’s principles for discipling the nations in all spheres of society – Landa Cope, Glen White
  • Business and economic development and the Biblical mandate to disciple nations – how business is strategic – Landa Cope
  • The essential role of prayer in business as mission – Bill R, Glen White
  • Business and Relationships
  • Cross-cultural business
  • Business as a new paradigm for missions – Mats Tunehag
  • Tentative definitions of business as mission – Mats Tunehag
  • Personal spiritual foundations for a business as mission practitioner – Peter Shaukat
  • The church and business as mission – Peter Shaukat
  • Business as mission as an agent of transformation – Peter Shaukat, Mats Tunehag
  • Servant leadership in the marketplace, Values for serving in business as mission – Peter Shaukat
  • Moral leadership and operational leadership – Peter Shaukat
  • Working with mission organisations (workshop) - Josie Plummer
  • Multiplying business as mission (workshop) – strategic approaches to mobilising and multiplying – Josie Plummer
  • Communicating business as mission – conveying the concept! (workshop) - Josie Plummer
  • Spiritual realities of doing business as mission, spiritual warfare (examples from Asia)
  • The Power of God in business, Hearing God’s voice in business life – Daniel G
  • BAM case studies and principles to be learned from them – Mats Tunehag, Peter Shaukat, Glen White, Daniel G

Real Life Case Studies - Ongoing throughout via visits to real examples locally and during field trips and having practitioners give testimonies/ tell stories during the course.

Business Development Track - Includes teaching sessions, workshops, group coaching, 1-1 coaching - delivered by coaching staff (primarily Ken & Irene Elliot) and visiting business practitioners.

Key topics covered: Business planning, Financial management, Accounting and financial recording and systems, Sales/Marketing, Developing staff and managers, Succession planning, Business ethics, Goal setting+ topics requested by participants in 1-1 coaching sessions or group Q&A times.

Other personal development topics: Cross cultural considerations – living, working and ministering cross-culturally, Culture shock and culture stress, How to develop yourself as a leader, Developing and coaching others, Team building and Knowing your strengths from the Strengthsfinder tool.

For more information visit: http://www.businessasmission.com/pages/thecourse

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