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What if God Moved?

by Kent Humphreys - Cape Town, South Africa, October 17, 2010.

The first evening of the Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization concluded with an astounding revelation: “God Has Moved!” Church leaders from around the globe reported that over the last twelve months there has been convincing evidence that the Spirit of the Living God has moved outside of the walls of local churches and into the workplace. In keeping with the model of His Son Jesus while Jesus was on the earth, it appears that God began moving sometime in late 2008 or early 2009 outside of the confines of religious institutions.

It took several months for even the most spiritual churches to realize that God was moving. For nearly a year most of them continued with their normal activities and services with not much of a drop in attendance. However, by the fall of 2009, it was obvious that God has moved His center of operation to where the majority of the lost population was located: in the workplaces of the villages, towns, and cities around the globe. Lausanne’s purpose of the Whole Church…with the Whole Gospel… to the Whole World was coming alive.

The leaders reported that this move of God was similar to the experience of the children of Israel as they traveled for in the wilderness. God showed Himself as a cloud by day and fire by night. The leaders admitted that they had been so busy in their committees and conferences that they had taken their eyes off of the Lord for just a short time. They certainly meant well in all of their sacrificial efforts, but God had literally placed His presence into the hearts of ordinary believers out in the workplace. This move of God has caused church leaders to make some drastic renovations of their facilities and programs in order to keep up with what God has been doing.

Worship centers became a lot less like entertainment venues and looked more like staging zones for a large army. While worship was even more vibrant, the primary focus shifted away from the large gathering to small group equipping. As various churches took seriously the Great Commission, they experienced lower attendance. Once the retooling was in place and working, churches began to see true followers of Jesus flocking to join them. These changes were accompanied by times of deep repentance and prayer.

Leaders from the marketplace, education, government, the media, and the arts joined hands which church leaders to concentrate on the lost in their everyday world. Many pastors confessed that they had taken their eyes off of their high calling. They admitted that the pressures had been so intense to build their churches, they had neglected His Kingdom. Church leaders had been gradually deceived into measuring success by the size of their buildings, budget, and attendance. They had focused on bringing people into their facility instead of sending them out.

As this process worked its way into the fabric of many churches, the talented professionals had taken center stage and the paid staff had grown rapidly. The ordinary Christians in the pew became demanding consumers wanting to be entertained and willing to pay for the professionals to do the work of the ministry. Never before have Christian institutions been this flexible to change this quickly in response to a move of God. Local churches now look more like equipping centers as the primary focus is to equip the saints for the work of the ministry out where the lost are located in the workplace. Pastors began to ask the question, “How can we help YOU in the ministry that God has given YOU where He has sovereignly placed YOU in your workplace?”

These passionate followers of Jesus have been meeting in small groups in homes and office complexes and factories. They are learning how to recognize the open doors of crises and are building relationships and sharing the good news of the Gospel of Christ. Some workplace chaplains are leading more people to Christ than their entire church did last year. Baptisms are taking place in factories in China. Prayer meetings are now allowed in government offices in the United States. Biblically based seminars are being presented in companies in South Africa. Young believers are leading house churches in Iran. Business leaders in Europe are modeling their values and beliefs in the secular culture. Latin American marketplaces are being transformed by the Holy Spirit as the leaders have chosen to be led by Him alone.

Leaders now expect this Congress to be the most strategic meeting in centuries. The whole church is focusing outward in Kingdom unity, replacing methods with relationships, institutions with community, and human efforts with the transformation of God’s Spirit. It is exciting to be able to report the movement of God instead of the plans of men. There is a spirit of expectancy not seen since Jesus Christ walked on this earth. May we say together, “Come, Lord Jesus, and work among us!”

Kent is the longtime leader of Fellowship of Companies for Christ International, a great group that is looking to connect business and ministry together. I encourage you to check out their website by clicking here.

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