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Cardone - Business as Mission in the US

For over 35 years, Cardone has been doing some dometic grassroots combining of business and ministry. A little over a year ago, the Philadelphia Business Journal highlighted the new Urban Health Clinic Cardone opened up to help their intercity employees with healthcare. Here's an excerpt:

"A Northeast Philadelphia automotive products maker has entered into a unique partnership with a local health system to make it easier for its workers to access primary health-care services.

Cardone Industries and Holy Redeemer Health System are building a 2,500-square-foot facility that will provide family health and wellness services exclusively to Cardone’s 4,000 employees and their dependents.

Construction of the $800,000 Holy Redeemer Family Health Center began earlier this month at Cardone’s Tabor Avenue plant. The center is scheduled to open early next year.

Gary Adams, director of government relations for Cardone, said the company self-insures its health benefits and had noticed a growing number of its employees and their dependents going to hospital emergency rooms for care that could be provided more appropriately, and much less expensively, in a medical-office setting.

“Our employees, we refer to them as factory-family members, represent a melting pot of nations,” Adams said, noting 70 percent live within a five-mile radius of Cardone’s five main operations sites in Northeast Philadelphia. “We need to teach them and coach them. We decided to [create the new health center] to make it convenient for them to get care” in a medical office setting." Click here to read the rest of the article.

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posted by Justin Forman | 6.28.2009 - 6:49 PM


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