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What will be your legacy for business as mission?

By Kent Humphreys - (Genesis 50:24 / Matthew 25:14-30) When your life is over, what sort of legacy do you want to leave? Will those left behind have seen Jesus in your life? Will your family members have been impacted by your walk with Christ? Will those in your sphere of influence, particularly those involved closely with you in the marketplace; have been encouraged to know Christ because of your investment in their lives? Will your legacy only be buildings, or achievements, or organizations, leaving an inheritance or even financial contributions, or will it be souls transformed by Christ for eternity?

I recently read an excellent book “Giving Back”. It encourages us to use our experiences and resources to impact our communities. Even in the midst of building a business, you need to have a balance to your life. I believe that it starts with your family, involvement in a local church, and using your expertise to impact your community. You will not always be an executive, or business owner, or CEO. We need to use those same skills to serve others outside the walls of our business.

Several months ago I was with a small group of extremely talented CEO’s. This group was special in that each CEO was also involved in a vital non-profit ministry that was impacting many people. The major focus of most of these organizations was bringing Christ and biblical principles to others around the U.S. and the world. However, to a person, most of these leaders were not comfortable or progressing in ministering to their own employees in their business. They were successful in business, generously supporting their own and other ministries, but not maximizing their ministry right where they were. Wherever God has placed us in our family, our business or workplace, and our community is a good place to start if we really want to be used by God to impact others.

Many workplace ministries will serve you and help you to bring Christ to your world. They will equip you to leave a spiritual legacy every workday. I encourage you to minister outside your workplace. Years ago I started speaking, writing, and ministering to widows, however, my primary legacy will be to my family and co-workers. It starts where we are. A physician friend travels overseas for five weeks every year in the poorest countries of Africa, but here in the U.S. he models Christ daily in surgery and in the office.

As you consider your spiritual legacy, why not also use your experiences from your career in a ministry outside of your company?

*Lead a group of younger leaders in a workplace ministry or church small group.
*Become a mentor to a young business leader in your city.
*Travel overseas as an ambassador for Christ while on business or pleasure.
*Mentor a student at a nearby college or university.
*Be involved in a team of workplace leaders from your city of to lead an entire city in transformation.

Those of us leading workplace ministries need to develop Legacy Leader programs in order to use the valuable resources that God has given us. You could have lunch with your pastor and give him some ideas how you could involve the retiring marketplace leaders in your church. For those of you “cutting back”, you need to consider options to enlarge your influence and increase your legacy. So, ask God in which new areas He would have you to begin to try and experiment. Look at your gifts and experiences and environment, and start right where you are!

Kent is the longtime leader of Fellowship of Companies for Christ International, a great group that is looking to connect business and ministry together. I encourage you to check out their website by clicking here.

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posted by Justin Forman | 5.11.2009 - 11:21 AM


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