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What can you do with one week of vacation time? 16 Business as Mission Opportunities

Global Advance offers several great ways to use one week of your vacation time. They can help you get off the sidelines and into the game of using your business experience to help others see the love of Christ.

They harnesses businessmen and women's experience to lead one week business seminars overseas. Their goal is to equip and coach local businessmen and women around the world to lead succesful businesseses in a way that glorifies God. Below is a list of some upcoming opportunities. To get involved, email Kevin Pate (kpate@globaladvance.org).

Upcoming 2009 Marketplace Conferences

Bujumbura, Burundi - May 11-12
This year, the Burundi Marketplace Business Leadership Conference will be conducted at the same time as a Frontline Shepherds Conference (FLSC). By joining this team, you may also have the unique opportunity to participate in the FLSC, as well as address the high-level government officials who most likely will attend this conference.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - May 28-30 (*TEAM FULL*)
Last year, Global Advance sponsored and helped coordinate the first gathering of Christian Vietnamese entrepreneurs and professionals in Ho Chi Minh. Vietnam is a nation ripe for the harvest, yet still very closed to traditional missions. The Vietnamese people are hungry for spiritual truth and business skills that will inevitably encourage growth and prosperity in their nation.

N’Djamena, Chad - June 15-16
N’Djamena is not only the capital of Chad, but it is also the largest city in the country. The people of this region are hungry for business knowledge and spiritual strength to help promote economic development in N’Djamena. This conference will be led by our West African Director Hal Rahman.

Accra, Ghana - July 27-28 and Kumasi, Ghana - July 30-31
One of the few English speaking nations of West Africa, Ghana is being positioned to be a major future economy of Africa. This is a prime season to rise up Godly men and women in the business sector who will greatly impact Ghana and the entire continent!

Davao City, Philippines - August 19-20 (*TEAM NEAR FULL*)
This will be the second Marketplace Business Leadership Conference after a very successful first year. Be a part of influencing Filipino Christian business leaders who are connected to all of SE Asia and discover Davao’s breathtaking beaches and famous coral reef.

Kampala & Fort Portal, Uganda - August 24-26
Global Advance will host a 1 day Marketplace Business Leadership Conference in Kampala on August 24th, followed by a Marketplace Business Conference in Fort Portal, August 25-26. We are also expecting 3,000 pastors to come from all over the Western half of Uganda for a Frontline Shepherds Conference (FLSC) in Fort Portal, August 25-27. By joining this team, you will have the unique opportunity to be a part of this nation-changing event.

Lima, Peru - September 17-19
Incredible momentum is growing among Christian business men and women in Lima as a result of the past two Global Advance sponsored Business Leadership Events! Global Advance is teaming up with a strong church network to inspire Peruvian marketplace leaders. Equipping hundreds of Peruvian business leaders with Biblical and business principles will be an exceptional experience you will never forget!

Cancun, Mexico - October 23-24 (*TEAM NEAR FULL*)
The president (mayor) of Cancun has welcomed Global Advance into the Yucatan area to make an extraordinary impression on the Mexican business leaders by providing them with business ethics and principles. These resources and tools will help fight the corruption in their nation. Beyond experiencing the beauty of the region, we invite you to be a part of what God is doing in the marketplace to help bring restoration and transformation to Mexico.

Chandigarh, India - November 6-7
This is the economic center of far north India, as well as the epicenter of the most unreached people groups in the world. Last year, Global Advance hosted the inaugural Marketplace Impact Conference of this area. This event has produced enormous fruit, including the planting of a new church for professionals. Join us in Chandigarh to experience this life-changing event!

Freetown, Sierra Leone - November 6-7
After years of civil war, the people of Sierra Leone are courageously trying to rebuild the nation. This region is rich with diamonds and other natural resources. God’s people in the marketplace have a desire to learn how to steward the resources of their nation for Kingdom purposes. We invite you to join this team and encourage entrepreneurs and professionals in this developing economy.

Monrovia, Liberia - November 16-17
Come be a part of this conference in the financial center and capital city of Liberia: Monrovia. Liberia is a nation being rebuilt after years of struggles. Global Advance has an opportunity to pour into marketplace leaders of this nation who will be pivotal to the nation's future blessings and prosperity. This conference will be led by our West African Director Hal Rahman. For more information contact our offices.

Beirut, Lebanon - November 19-21
This year will mark the first Marketplace Business Leaders Conference in Lebanon! Come take part of this historic event and leave your imprint on the Christian businessmen and women who live in this challenging area of the world.

Santiago, Dominican Republic - November 20-21 (* TEAM NEAR FULL*)
Global Advanced has planted seeds in Dominican Republic that are bearing fruit among business owners and professionals. You can encourage leaders in this wonderful nation to expand the Kingdom of God through the marketplace and you will be blown away by the Dominicans spirit and hospitality.

Hyderabad, India - November TBD
In Hyderabad, you will have a chance to greatly impact Christian marketplace leaders who make up a mere 1% of India’s professional population. As Hyderabad is a booming economic hub of India, join us in rising up Godly men and women in the business arena.

Abidjan, Ivory Coast - December 10-11
Abidjan is the largest city in Ivory Coast and the second largest French speaking city in the world. As Abidjan is considered a high industrial, cultural hub of West Africa, they are in need of your business training and spiritual encouragement. This conference will also be led by our West African Director Hal Rahman.

To get involved, email Kevin Pate (kpate@globaladvance.org).

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posted by Justin Forman | 5.11.2009 - 7:24 AM


This is really cool! I am actually about to leave on a trip with an organization called Five Talents International (www.fivetalents.org) on a 'Business as Mission' trip to provide similar business training to people through their microfinance programs. I'll be in Kenya for a week and then in Uganda for a week. These are great opportunities!
commented by Anonymous Dan King, 9:05 AM  

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