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My Business My Mission Now Available at Amazon

My Business, My Mission tells the story of a movement that is changing the lives of tens of thousands of people in the most impoverished nations on earth. It is also transforming businesspeople in the northern and southern hemispheres by exposing them to a revolutionary paradigm: the idea that God has called them into mission through business.

Through the work of a remarkable organization called Partners Worldwide, North American businesspeople and entrepreneurs in developing countries are joining together to fight poverty. Their mission is simple: to expand their businesses, create wealth, and provide jobs for the poor in Christ’s name.

"Many successful marketplace leaders reach Halftime and discover that their business provides the platform they need for their second half calling. This book is packed with examples and insights into global partnership opportunities using your business background."

-Bob Bufordfounder of Leadership Network and author of Halftime

In the coming weeks we will be featuring a few excerpts from the book. In the meantume, be sure to read what other are saying about My Business, My Mission and purchase your copy today at http://www.mybusiness-mymission.com/.

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posted by Justin Forman | 5.21.2009 - 6:40 AM


Looks like a great book and I look forward to reading it.

Regarding Buford's comment, why is it that it takes until "halftime" for so many to realize that there can be a kingdom impact in our career (Maybe more appropriately - kingdom impact is our career.) Are we just so focused on climbing the ladder that we miss the real opportunities, or has the church separated faith from everyday life that we don't see the connection? I pray that as BAM continues to take hold we can start noticing our opportunity for kingdom impact long before we get to halftime.
commented by Blogger Jordan Foote, 12:08 PM  

Jordan, my thoughts on this are that our Christian colleges for the last 100yrs or so have acquiesced their responsibility in educating our children on how we can use our "secular skills" as a vessel for our "godly skills". If there were colleges that mentioned mission and business it was only as a means to fund ministry, not empower ministry through our work. Hopefully, at my next posting I can continue the message of BAM and link it to social entrepreneurship so those more civic minded students can see the beauty of ministry in all aspects of business.
commented by Blogger PCnNC, 4:28 PM  

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