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Invitation to Pray for Business as Mission Conference

By David Skews - There is an exciting “Business as Mission” event that will be held on 14th-16th August 2009 in the UK. 

Mats Tunehag in his recent paper ‘A Global Overview of the Business as Mission Movement: Needs & Gaps’ identified at number 6, Prayer he says this “We must not underestimate the power of and the need for prayer, which is even more critical as we enter into the marketplace with a Kingdom of God invasion strategy. BAMers must have prayer partners who intercede for them, their businesses, their employees, their relationships, and their impact on people and communities ...”

Pray4BaM.org is part of a UK based charity that was set up to support Business as Mission in prayer, finance and marketing. We felt God calling us to organise a Prayer Conference for BaM. Rather than being a time of teaching about BaM, this is to be a Prayer Conference, supported by times of worship and testimony of what God is doing around the world through business. If you are interested in this exciting and challenging movement to spread the kingdom of God then may I encourage you to take this opportunity to seek God’s face and to come and pray with us for BaM.

You will find full details on the Pray4BaM website at www.pray4bam.org where you can also register to attend.

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posted by Justin Forman | 5.07.2009 - 7:28 AM


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