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Web Development and Outsourcing Solutions with a Mission - Yejj

I love that friends are always passing through the DFW Airport. Last week I had the chance to share some good mexican food with Trevor Sworn of Yejj in Camdodia.

Trevor's story of transitioning from missions with a traditional agency to the cutting edge of self sustaining Business as Mission is pretty inspiring. Here's a background into Yejj from Trevor's summary. For more information check them out at http://www.yejj.com/.

Yejj background - Yejj was established in 2001 as a response to the need to provide high quality IT related services & training products to clients, combined with capacity development & employment to underprivileged young people in Cambodia.

Yejj Group Comprises; Yejj Info Co Ltd
  • Outsourcing; Website & database development
  • Domain registration, hosting & management
  • Network, server & data support & management

Yejj Training Cambodia NGO

  • eAcademy – Cisco, Microsoft, ICDL, Pearson Vue
  • Hospitality Training Centre
  • Café Yejj

The Yejj Social Enterprise Model - combines the best of business & NGO principles, using revenues to create successful business & sustainable social impact in the long term.
Our core focuses are Enterprise, Education & Employment.

From it’s inception, the company has been built on internationally recognized standards of technical expertise and achievements in the IT industry. Equipped with strong local business knowledge and using qualified and experienced human resources, coupled with high standards of consulting and customer support, Yejj provides cost-effective services and solutions in a process-driven, quality-focused systems management environment.

Yejj Web Department - The department is part of Yejj Info Co Ltd. Although part of the IT service and support dept since 2003, as part of our long term strategy to provide outsourcing services to overseas clients, it became a department in it’s own right in June 2008.

From July – December 2008, we provided, whole or components of, 17 websites outsourced to clients abroad Three of these clients have since given us additional work, acknowledging the excellent service we have provided. We also provided 9 local clients with websites, including Wing Bank (ANZ Royal).

Definition of Outsourcing - We define the term outsourcing as; Yejj providing web development services (in part or whole) to overseas clients, who are also web developers. It can also be called ‘offshoring’. It is not call centres which is also sometimes referred to with the same term.

Long-term Business and Export Plans - Our long term (5 year) business and export plans are to build a consistent base of business-to-business (B2B) clients, providing ongoing high quality web services, growing the overall revenues by a minimum 30% per year for the next 3 years (2009-2011), then by minimum 25% for the following years (until the end of 2013). HR and other resources are projected to grow proportionately.Our aims in 2009 are to have a consistent 3 month full order book. We will achieve this by: Raising our marketing strategy, focused at export markets, Using traditional and new media for marketing, Exhibiting at conferences and expos in Dallas, Hamburg and Berlin in 2009, Doubling the amount of staff, room space and resources to ensure deliverables.

Increase the capacity of existing staff - Putting greater processes into place to ensure effectiveness and efficiency.

Primary focus of expansion strategy in 2009 - Our primary focus is at three main conferences in 2009 (below), plus related marketing and promotional strategies.

Yejj Uniqueness – why people use us - We provide high quality services, saving our client time, money and effort, plus they contribute to social impact in Cambodia through providing their business to us.

· ‘One stop’ service of web development, graphics design, hosting and management.
· high quality service
· costs and time saving
· business partnerships with Yejj contributes to lasting social impact in Cambodia.
· International standards of compliance
· Local expertise and understanding
· We are a pleasure to work with (they like us)
· We are consistent
· Centralised admin, etc, reduces costs
· Transparent reporting, documentation​ and business practices

Yejj Web Dept Social Goals - The Web Department plays an integral and central role as part of the overall social vision of Yejj, As a web development partner, your contracts with us directly impacts the social situation in Cambodia.

Departmentally there is a program of capacity building of staff in technical and interpersonal skills, regular internships for those at the start of their career ladder (in partnership with non profit organisations), development of management skills for those with aptitude, plus a positive, pleasant working environment, health cover, insurance and other benefits that all Yejj staff benefit from.

Revenues - Revenues from the business are used in our non profit to directly subsidise training courses for disadvantaged students as well as contribute to utility and infrastructure costs and investment, which allows us to provide training at lower prices.

The Yejj Social Enterprise Model combines the best of business & NGO principles, using revenues to create successful business & sustainable social impact in the long term.

Core Values - Our core values are; Integrity, Compassion, Courage, Commitment and Worth. See Yejj Core Values page on our website for more details.

Summary - Since 2001 we have created and established a strong social business model, with a proven track record. In 2009 we have over 53 staff, with at least 40% from disadvantaged backgrounds. We accomplish all this by maintaining and improving our core competencies & business deliverables, plus developing our training portfolio and accreditations, including the infrastructure needed to deliver these.

Other Yejj Sectors

Café Yejj is a bistro café in the popular Russian Market tourist area, serving a range of Mediterranean style dishes, desserts & drinks at lunchtime & the evening. A core focus is providing skills training & employment in catering & hospitality, especially to women from ‘at risk’ & vulnerable backgrounds.

Chab Dai, Yejj Charitable Trust is a registered charity in the UK. It raises funds & awareness towards work with disadvantaged young people & young people at risk in Cambodia based on Christian principles. The Charity has a board of 5 Trustees.
See http://www.yejj.org.uk/ for more details.

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