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We Must Think Outside the Box of Traditional Methods - YWAM and Campus Crusade Presidents

The President of Campus Crusade for Christ along with the Presidents of YWAM and several other leading missions agencies are convening a conference in Thailand in a few weeks (call2all.org). What I found most signifcant is the candor in an open letter that they wrote, and emailed out to hundreds of business leaders. Here's a the letter we're forwarding on at the request of the organizers. Notice some of the candid phrases we've bolded.

Dear Market Leader,

Greetings from the conveners of the call2all.org global initiative to be gathered in Hong Kong from May 31st - June 5th 2009.Would like to invite you to be part of we believe to a significant world event. We hope you'll find a way to join me and leaders from around the world in Hong Kong.This is the first Call2All Global Congress. Call2All is a partnership of hundreds of the top missions agencies, denominations, and organizations in the world. Including tens of thousands of Christian leaders and Marketplace leaders all working together to complete the Great Commission in our generation. If God's stirring your heart about being part of this historic event, I would encourage you to register as soon as possible. There is tremendous interest in this Hong Kong gathering all around the world, and space is limited.

God has been speaking to us about involving the "whole church" in the Call2All movement. We have realized that for too long we have focused on the "professional" mission agencies and churches to get the job done. We now want to release the other 95% of the Body of Christ to join us. In that effort, we want to warmly invite leaders from the Workplace, including the Market Place ministries, BAM (Business as Mission), Business Leaders, and the everyday workplace believer. We are not doing this primarily to get your financial support but your involvement on the front lines. We apologize for our past actions of asking for money without getting your heart and hands in coordination with us first. We look forward to seeking God together and finding ways we can serve you and your calling as workers in the great commission.

Planning events at the Hong Kong call2all to,

1) Have several breakouts with opportunities for you as leaders to interact with key church, missions and business leaders from China, across Asia and around the world.

2) Arrange strategic meetings for you with key business, mission and church leaders in adopting strategies that are new and different in keeping what God is doing in using BAM "for profit" companies, workplace leaders, professionals, and ordinary "lay" people to use their gifts and callings to reach the unreached. This will demand us to think outside the box and began to emphasize what God is already blessing rather traditional methods which are no longer useful.

3) We plan to promote the calling of business, missionaries, pastors, and professionals as platforms to extend the gospel. Programs include real people like you who are representing Christ every day in the workplaces of the nations. We plan to not just speak this message but MODEL this message from the platform, the pulpits, and our communication. We will model the Priesthood of Every Believer in accomplishing the Great Commission and bringing His Kingdom to every part of this world.

Will you join us in Hong Kong as we seek to work together in finishing the job of reaching the world for Christ?

Signed by: Mark Anderson - President GPN/call2all, Loren Cunningham - Founder, Youth With A Mission and Steve Douglas - President Campus Crusade for Christ

Pretty remarkable. Almost enough candor in these words to make me want to hop on a plane to Hong Kong and see where it could go from here! I love the candor and hope that more of that will lay the foundation for enabling more people in the pews of the church to use their time and talents to serve God.

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posted by Justin Forman | 4.16.2009 - 8:30 AM


Hong Kong is not in Thailand. It is a part of China.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 10:07 AM  

It is particularly encouraging because confession is often one of the precipitants of revival.
commented by Blogger Graham, 8:30 AM  

I would like to go to Hong Kong but I can't. I would like to know if is possible that you tell me for all the information and decisions you are going to do in this meeting. I would like to join with this big movement.

Martha Dominguez
commented by Blogger Martha, 11:11 AM  

Great idea, but not realistic to give market leaders two weeks notice.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 4:13 PM  

I agree on the short notice. Unfortunately I didn't really get a chance to hear about the conference and understand it up close until just a few weeks ago. I know Hong King is a long way, but nonetheless we will be sure to keep you updated on what happens at the conference from here.
commented by Blogger Justin Forman, 8:48 PM  

will it be possible for teleconference? at least for major sessions! you will get lots of business leaders that way!
commented by Blogger JiYoung Rhee, 5:35 PM  

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