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Get Practical Training on Business as Mission - An update from the iBAM 2009 course in Thailand

What is God trying to tell us in His word about the purpose of business?

Landa Cope* had us against the ropes and there was no escaping with pat answers. She was teaching and we were wrestling! What is God’s response to poverty? What exactly is sinful about corruption? Where are the integrity issues? How do we build economies, as well as building businesses? How do we disciple nations, as well as discipling individuals?

By the end of the first week we were exhausted, but exhilarated… our thinking transformed, our dreams a little bigger.

This is what the Introduction to Business as Mission (iBAM) course is all about. We explore the subject of business as mission in concept and practice. Our aim: to prepare participants for the next step in business as mission and to build their businesses on stronger foundations.

Week on week, we delved deeper into business as mission, it’s history, it’s context, it’s practice. What kind of theology and strategy do we need to bring transformation? How do I develop a marketing plan? Stretching our thinking, our understanding and addressing the practical questions, the how-to’s.

A crucial component of the iBAM course is getting out to see real-life examples of business as mission. This year we visited a diverse range of enterprises, both locally and in the region, for an inside look at business as mission. The course is strongly interactive throughout and time is given for participants to discuss and apply principles they are learning and to spend time articulating their own ideas and plans.

iBAM 2009 has just ended, here is what participants said:

“This course was in tune with a voice in my heart. This is something that I’ve really had a desire for, but was not quite sure what it was. I’ve always had a heart for transforming nations, but felt that the typical missions route was not what I wanted to do, though I didn’t see an alternative... The iBAM course has helped me further my understanding of business as mission and get a clearer sense of God’s calling on my life. I am really thankful for this course, especially coming from a mission organization, it has given me, as a business person, confidence in my call and encouraged me that I can be used in God’s kingdom in business.” Ben, business professional from the USA.

“This course has been a blessing to me, it’s really helped me to know all it takes to start-up and run a business in a Godly way, not just to make profit but to help and support the less privileged.” Yakubu, mission staff from Nigeria

“For me the program has been very strategic. I have been greatly stretched in my thinking; I have had old understanding strengthened and had some new concepts seeded. The course has helped me to overcome fears with regards my own role in the business world and has helped me have a freedom in my thinking for the future.” James, business as mission practitioner in Central Asia

“This course has been very valuable for me and helped me learn how to grow a business as mission business. Meeting with the staff and speakers has really helped me. We have had very powerful speakers and all of the speakers have been willing to take time for the students. The coaches have been really willing to help me with my questions about business. Now I understand more about the importance of business planning and also about the plan for business in the Kingdom of God!” BN, fledging business as mission entrepreneur from Vietnam

“The teaching has really been a highlight for me – I understand much more about the meaning of business as mission and God’s perspective about business. The course has helped me find my confidence, it’s helped me strengthen my weakness… and now I feel able to communicate to others, to tell them what I am going to do and about the burden God has put in my heart.” Pan, mission staff from Thailand

“As someone from a corporate business background with more recent missions training and experience; I can say that this course integrates the two very well.” Joel, business as mission multiplier from the UK

The iBAM course incorporates classroom teaching, visits to local businesses, group work, one –on–one consultations from experienced business coaches and a 1 week field trip to locations in China, Cambodia and Thailand. Click here for a week-by-week account of iBAM 09 and more details about iBAM courses.

The next Introduction to Business as Mission course will start again in mid-January 2010 in Chiang Mai, North Thailand. NEW! iBAM will now be offered as a 5 week course, plus we will offer a 3 week option. Click here for more information or please contact bamtraining@oval.com

*Landa Cope, international speaker and author of The Old Testament Template: Rediscovering God’s principles for discipling all nations.

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posted by Justin Forman | 4.06.2009 - 7:00 AM


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