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Event Spotlight: The Monday Morning Calling

An event for Christian business people May 29-30 in Brea, CA

By John Coghlan of Enterprise International (the business arm of CRM)

Business people are one of the greatest untapped resources in the Kingdom of God. In a developing country or in their hometown, a businessperson can have tremendous impact when they are fully immersed in God’s purposes.

CRM experienced this firsthand when Jeri Little and his family decided to live recklessly and sacrificially for the Kingdom and moved to post-communist Romania to start Little Texas.

Yet for all the excitement about Business as Mission, and all of the heroic stories like Jeri Little’s, many simply do not know how to get involved. In fact, this lack of “on ramps” has become a critical issue for the long-term success of the movement.

But what if a lack of “on ramps” is not the root of the problem?

What is your calling? For years CRM has ministered to over 10,000 church leaders around the world through a seminar built upon the Christian Leadership Emergence Theory of J. Robert Clinton. The success of this tool has proven repeatedly that a strong sense of personal calling is the key to fulfilling your potential.

“But why do the church leaders get to have all the fun?!” Coupling the success of this ministry to church leaders with the great need for mobilizing businesspeople around the world, Enterprise International has tailor-made a version for Christian business professionals.

For God not only wants to work through us, but in us. All of our most daring deeds and heroic efforts fall short of eternal value when we ask God to bless our plans. Truly, the most abundant life happens when we first ask God what His plans are and how we can then join Him.

This is a two-day event that will help you:

  • Infuse your career with God’s direction
  • Gain tools to strengthen your character and integrity
  • Leverage your professional ability to help change the world for God
  • Discern God’s plan for your future by discovering his hand in your past

This upcoming event is May 29-30 in Brea, CA. All are welcome: at whatever point you are at in your career, whether you are pursuing business and ministry in an international location or desiring a more integrated and Christ-centered life at home.

You can visit the Enterprise International website for more information at: enterpriseinternational.org. Register here online: Register for Monday Morning Calling

CRM empowers leaders to strengthen and start churches in over 25 countries around the world. Enterprise International is a division of CRM that creates businesses alongside ministries to create sustainable sources of local funding and expand the Kingdom through the skill and passion of people in business.

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posted by Justin Forman | 4.27.2009 - 7:16 AM


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