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President Obama's Briefcase from Business as Mission Company

Barrington is a Business as Mission company based in our backyard of Dallas. For year's they've been creating high end leather goods at their remarkable plant in Xiamen, China. Last week the Dallas Morning News ran a very complimentary article about the company ...

"When Time magazine's Web site recently posted a photo of an aide carrying President Barack Obama's briefcase off Air Force One, Dallas-based Barrington Group Ltd. got a celebrity endorsement money can't buy.
"Oh man, it's unbelievable," says David Gowdey, co-founder of Barrington, which made the bag. "My favorite part is the hangtag that says 'The President.' That was his doing. The only thing we embossed on it was Ole Miss." The president received his "captain's bag" from the University of Mississippi as a debate gift last fall. Now the Big D corporate gift company hopes to spur interest in its leather offerings."

Beyond the notoriety of the President using their bag, what I found most encouraging was how the article went on to highlight the incredible ways how Barrington's factory has exceeded all expectations in China, "The plant is a Chinese anomaly. Barrington pays above-market wages with health insurance and maternity leave. Workers receive financial planning, continuing education and summertime camps for their kids. In a society that shuns the disabled, Barrington hires the physically challenged and invests in orphanages that minister to children with special needs." Click here to read the full article on Dallas Morning News Website

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posted by Justin Forman | 3.21.2009 - 8:29 PM


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