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God, help me find a job!

Our friends at Red Letter Believers wrote a great post that really follows up on the question of what a church's role should be when it comes to business and ministry?

A Sacramento-area church has ventured into the arena of helping job seekers prepare for the brutal employment market, believing that God can help.

The church offers workshops on finding God’s will, finding jobs specific to giftings, and helps keep the unemployed from despair.
The ministry is called “Career Coaching” and is in response to increased unemployment. More than 200 job seekers have been part of the program and a number have found work either during or after completing the program.

Readers of this blog know the emphasis we place on faith and the workplace, but this is an entirely new question. Does faith GET you into the workplace? Is it possible that a proper spiritual perspective just might lead you to a job? What about those who have lost a job? Is God part of that as well? ...

As the economy continues to drift downward, will the church need to shift away from programs and buildings and staff and become more focused on the very real and present needs that will grip our nation?

Good questions all – but are we prepared for the answers?

Robert Geyer is a business executive and David Rupert is a communication professional. Together, they are researching, writing and stirring the thoughts about the intersection of faith and life -- at work, in the community and in the world. Read more at http://redletterbelievers.blogspot.com/

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posted by Justin Forman | 3.29.2009 - 6:08 AM


I recently cried, in desperation, "God, give me a job." I was surprised by His response. "Seek not your own but another's wealth." I Cor 10:24

The words of this passage burrowed deep withing unsettling my true motives. How could I look for a job, that I desperately needed without seeking my own wealth? It didn't seem logical. Yet, I could not shake the convction in my heart. For hours the words refused to be ignored. "Seek another's wealth."

After much wrestling, my mouth opened and I spurted out a prayer. "What does this company need to in order to be more wealthy?" I waited, limp from the struggle. "And thou shalt speak unto all that are wise hearted, whom I have filled with the spirit of wisdom, that they may make..." Ex 28:3

Pray for this company, a startling thought. Joy washed over me, a smile crept across my face as I sat pondering the concept. Pray for the company of men who are making that which God requires.

Two days later I sat in the office of a Christian advertising and marketing agency shared the experience.

Oh, I have a friend that has 6 full-time, with all benefits, employees that do nothing but pray for his companies. His words pierced me and I knew, in my knower, as some are apt to say, that this was the Lord's doing.

After the initial meeting the question poured came in rapid succession. Could I pray for eight hours a day, five days a weeks?" How would that look? How would you monitor it or guage it's success?"

A few days later I had a plan for implementing a prayer closet within this business. God needed a company of men to see his blueprint. He needed me to see the importance of seeking another's wealth.

God created a position for me. Ironically, some fifteen years prior He told me to believe that He would create a job for me. He then showed me that's what He did for Moses' mother. He created a job then caused Pharaoh's daughter to pay her to do that which He ordained her to do.

You asked the question: will faith get you a job? It did me and it's impacting us all as together we are discovering how much the Lord needs our obedience to carry out His will.
commented by Anonymous Deborah Howard, 10:16 PM  

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